Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What makes a young person join the LaRouche Youth Movement?

A message was posted on my blog yesterday that I want to share with you!




I've been reading factnet.

You are right - and it's very important (in my opinion) that you continue to stand up against the faction who are focusing on anti-semetism of LaRouche.

1. Nobody joins the organization(cult) because it's anti-semetic.

2. In fact, right before I joined - a member showed me an article saying LaRouche was "anti-semetic." It was a charge - for those trying to recruit me- easy to dismiss and make fun of - and at that time - it helped "push me" into the cult.

3. As already stated in various ways by various people in fact-net - if you try and
talk somebody out of joining LaRouche - by just discussing "idealogy" - you have lost the battle before it's begun. But this is what King and Berlett continue to do. I am not discounting the anti-semetic remarks of LaRouche - he can declare himself God if he wants - I'm saying no matter what he says - what really matters is the pressure, intimidation, hopelessness, and fear (sometimes in cleverly subtle ways) that is put into the minds of the new recruits and members - that is what killed Jeremiah and Ken - and others as well. Of course, all of this comes down from LaRouche - not much different from Hitler - or any other ruthless dictator you care to think of. When I was in -it was a matter of pride - being "ruthless".

4. You have a bunch of people - and their heads are filled with all this ideology - how to double a square - revise middle C - all the conspiracy of the world crap. Now that they are even interested in this - they are told they are budding humanists - and they are the world's only hope against - the oligarchy(and don't give me the "coded crap" -
I'm speaking to the "coded-theorists" here - the point is - any member sees himself as someone who is out to save the world against evil - which turns out to be anybody who questions LaRouche. Since "outside" people stay away from LaRouche as far as possible - the people who get the brunt of most of this rage - is any member or recruit who steps out of line.

5. Prediction -LaRouche and his zombie-parrots-out-to-save-the-world are going to be increasing - not decreasing in numbers. After LaRouche is gone (that could be another 10 years - the recruiting could accelerate even more. What do I base this on? - by reading factnet. I am shocked by the accounts of how pressure is continually being increased on new members. Sure - many will eventually come out. But I forsee - more individual suicides - I am not talking about Jerimiah here - I'm convinced he was very fearful - and he was trying to get away in a desparate attempt - we must get the facts - as to what exactly happened - saying LaRouche is "anti-semite" - is not going to help get the facts. It's an idealogical cop-out - merely making us feel more superior - than the LaRouchies - umh - I wonder where that type of mind-game got started.

6. Please don't misunderstand or mis-construe some of the things I'm saying here. I have a lot of compassion for these people - I was one of them once. It scares me to think about their futures. They all got themselves into this trying to save the world thing - it's a tough mentality to break out of - but we have had whole populations - who have gotten into the same problem - Nazi Germany, the North Koreans - to name a few. I would make this the first challenge to anyone recently recruited - how are you currently living your life more like - a North Korean? - or an average American? 

You may paste this to factnet - but please help guard my identity."


  1. Right!

    I joined the Lym because there were so many lovely coloured people in the Lym. I am 25% Jewish, my grandmother was Jewish, and I just loved the support for Peres and Arafat.

    I know that I was wrong. LaRouche is a fuckin pig! I hate that pig now. But I was never a nazi, and I never hated Jews. LaRouche is a fuckin pig, not a nazi.

    I hate Denis King for that A fuckin liar he is, as LaRouche!

  2. I know that many ex LYM members are thinking much about the years and months, in the movement. For some it was a really horrible experience, others just were fed up and left.

    Your stories are important. You are telling a story about why people join a movement like LaRouches!

    We that joined joined because we thought that LaRouche had the solutions to end world poverty and to stop racism and genocides once and for all.

    We joined because we disliked the "normal" politicians, that did not seem to care about these matters.

    And we dropped out later, when we discovered that Lyndon LaRouche did not have the answers either, and that he was not only as corrupt as the politicians we had run away from, but he was worse!

    Your stories and experiences are important!

    Please write to me on my e-mail if you want to continue the discussion more privately.



    As for King. Write to him and tell him about it. It is better than just being bitter. King might be wrong in much, but he is different than LaRouche. Just to mention one thing: he believes in democracy! :o)

    SO, therefore a dialogue is possible with dennis King, with LaRouche a dialogue is impossible, because Lyn views himself as a kind of GOD!