Monday, March 23, 2009

I got mail... (My advise to those that wish to warn others about the LaRouchemovement.)

I got mail...

Some journalist from Sweden that claims to know much about LaRouche and the EAP wrote to me and said that this blog is fine, but that he could not understand why one could not say that LaRouche is a nazi and, nor a normal antisemite or a racist. "He as well as the EAP is clearly is that", he wrote!

I answered that "he can call LaRouche and the EAP nazi if he also writes that the movement recruits people to anti-nazi causes, to a fight against racism, to fight antisemitism. He can call it nazi and antisemitic if he also writes that it recruits people independent of the creed, colour of skin or culture of the person. He can write what he writes if he also admits that it is FILLED with people of all so called races, including in its leadership, the same with jews, there are PLENTY of jews in it, including among its leaders. He can write that LaRouche is a nazi if he also at the same time say that LaRouche recruits people based on campaigns to save africa, and to make sure that all people gets the right to a standard of living BETTER that the european one today! He can write that LaRouche is antisemite if he also write that he treats all culture as he treats the jewish culture, he divides them into good and bad, oligarchical and nonoligarchical, and thus, he very often speaks well about jewish culture, and israelis too!"

You have to adress that thing which makes people join the organization, and it is most often their anti-racist and anti-nazi propaganda", I wrote! "If you write the opposite, it will not reflect what people see, and thus help the organization to recruit":

To this the "expert" answered "I cannot write what you propose, because if I write so people would not believe that LaRouche is a nazi or a racist. he would not seem nazi at all!"

I answered: "Well, he perhaps is not that. have you thought about that? Perhaps this totalitarian cult recruits people because its rhetoric and policies are ANTI-RACIST and ANTI-nazi! It is perhaps a totalitarian, but anti-racist and anti-nazi cult? I do not believe in the organization for a moment any longer, but must say that it has succeeded to take up some anti-racist causes that are ignored by mainstream politicians, to foster its cause. That is part of its success.

"Which causes", he asked!

I answered: "One very popular that recruits lots of people to the movement is the question about the right all people have to a european standard of living AND BETTER. I was an admirer of Martin Luther King before I joined the organization and he spoke about this all the time; that all Africans have the right to the BEST POSSIBLE standard of living, and to industrialize! The movement gains a lot of influence by being the only once to promote this cause. It reminds me somewhat of the technocrats in the 20s and 30s that did the same, while being TOTALITARIAN at the same time. Others did the same, like Bertel D. Brochmann in Norway in the 30s. The only person in the norwegian parliament that voted no to the racist eugenic laws in Norway was a member of the party of Brochmann. Still, he ended up supporting Quisling and the german occupation of Norway and had a contempt against democracy.

To this the "expert" wrote: "But can we really allow the Africans to have a european standard of living, will the planet survive if they start to eat like us and live like us!"

Lyndon LaRouche is a man of double standards that uses Orwellian doublespeech, but he surely is not the only one to use doublespeech AND DOUBLETHINK!

I cant remember how many times I met these kinds of arguments while a member, and still today I meet these arguments. And they make me wanna... throw up!

Please, use more truthful methods. One untruth does not justify another untruth!


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