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What LaRouche is, and is not!

First, let me be blunt. The movement Lyndon LaRouche has created a movement that (among other things) has the public aim to promote certain kinds of thinking, behavior and cultures, while SURPRESSING other kinds of thinking, behavior and cultures. Liberalism, democracy and so called hedonism, as well as so called "newtonian" science, would be BANNED if he ever got to power!

The bullying namecalling methods against political opponents and OPPOSITION within his movement, and outside his movement, gives a hint how he would run a nation, if he ever got power! The way he treats the members within the organization, shows how he would treat the citizens of the nation, if he ever became leader of one.

This is not only authoritharian or totalitarian or cultlike, this is FASCIST in the strictest sense the word is used.

The difference between nazis and fascists

Unfortunately, the opposition against the LaRouchemovement has often called laRouche a nazi, or a KKK-member of antisemitic and racist politician. This is VERY unfortunate, because any person that is approaching the movement can easily find out for himself that this is not true.

A nazi movement does not try to recruit coloured people, and it does not want to work with Civil Rights movement leaders. A nazi movement does not work to "save" Africans from starvation and war, as the movement does. A nazi movement does not praise jewish culture and does not want to recruit jews. It very seldom praises political moves made by an Israeli government. A nazi movement does not encourage coloured people, and jews, to become LEADERS of the nazimovement. And a founder of a nazimovement, or a racist KKK group, does not want its movement to do these things.

To wit! This misconception of LaRouche reminds me of the old American movie with Richard Pryor where Pryor joins the KKK, because the KKK:ers are so stupid that they dont know what a coloured person is. It ends with the KKK:er claiming that black supremacy is right!   :o)

There are two kind of fascism. One is a version that is NOT based on blood and soil, the other is the racist, NAZI; version. the movement of Lyndon LaRouche uses the methods of the first kind of racism.

1) The own GROUP, and above all the leader/leaders of the group, is set above other groups and leaders. The individuals belonging to this group, or uses a certain method of thinking, describes themselves as superior. It stands for a centralized authoritharian government of some kind that is headed by a dictatorial leadership. Severe social, cultural and economic limitations are imposed and a forcible surpression of opposition. Democracy is limited or banned and the individual is declared as being not as important as the COLLECTIVE group. The fascists have a view that they are in a state of perpetual conflict, fascists believe that they (and the society) can PROSPER by being in a kind of perpetual condition of war. To it is often added a kind of ideology which praises the "strong" and superhuman in different ways, and attacks the weak, subhuman, in different ways.

2) The other kind of fascism is as above, but it also adds some elements of blood and soil. This is fascism in which the NATION and the RACE is put above the individual and where those belonging to the own race are described as superior and the others inferior.

Not all dictatorships and fascist government can be described as nazi. Nazi-regimes are something very special. a special kind of fascism. A kind of fasism which would NOT want to recruit coloured people or work to save Africa!

Antifascism that backfires!

It is understandable that people that dont know the LaRouchian worldview believe that he is nazi, when viewing such a thing like this: . It is also understandable that a african american that hears LaRouche say that the mother of President Obama is a monkey, believe that he must be a KKK member or so. Namecalling is dangerous. It does not help an organization to promote its ideas! It easily creates misunderstandings. I have said this before and I say it again... It is also understandable that opponents that are slandered and are under vicious attacks might believe it to be more than simply fascist.

But if one wants to stop the organization, or expose it as the fascist cult it is, one needs to be more precise! If one is not precise, but claims things that easily can be proven not to be true, the effect of what one says often backfires.

I joined the organization as a fuilltime member in 1989, after having known it for a year and a half. before I joined I did research on the organization and read the book by Dennis King. I joined the LaRouche movement as a fulltimer because I read his book and the claims that the movement is nazi and because I compared the allegations of the book with what the movement did; its work to "save" Africa; its praise of jewish culture, its work against national socialism and racism, etc... And I spoke to Sheila Jones and other coloured members AND LEADERS (P. R. in denmark, Amelia, etc...), and I spoke with all these jewish LEADERS in the organization, and my CRITICAL THINKING came to the conclusion that the movement was not nazi, LaRouche was not a nazi, and that he was under attack by people that are ready to call LaRouche anything just to stop him

I know AS A FACT that ALL people that have joined the organization for the last 40 years have compared what is said to what the LaRouchemovement does in the same way, and have gone through the same thing as I.

That shows the danger with the unprecise allegation that LaRouche is a nazi.

IF I HAD NOT BEEN SO FILLED WITH DISGUST WHEN READING ARTICLES AND BOOKS WITH THIS ALLEGATIONS IN, at the time, I might have looked closer to the movement and discovered what I discovered later on, its totalitarian and fascist methods.

And more ex. members would have stepped forward to expose the movement of LaRouche if the criticism had been just a bit more correct!

The hostile fantasyworld of Lyndon laRouche

Lyndon LaRouche would run the world as he runs the organization today. he would use laborintensive methods. He would not allow opposition, nor real democracy. Only the approved culture, ideas and methods, that he approves, would be accepted!

The evidence is in his own writings, like in the proposal for a Canadian constitution. Just replace Canada with the USA and you would see how he would have run USA if he had become president: . LaRouche believes that democracy is bestial and hedonist and it would be banned from his ideal state! The "masses" are unfit for democracy, "vox populi" is evil as he claims.

As many ex. members have revealed, LaRouche has cooperated with a lot of totalitarian people and groups, and the internal methods of the movement are VERY dictatorial. Freelance journalist Nick Gallohas has written that much of what LaRouche espouses "appears kooky, if only because his ideas certainly defy conventional political analysis. . . .However go beyond the individual positions on different issues and beneath the surface lurk echoes of sinister themes that have been prevalent in the 20th century: preservation of Western Civilization, purity of culture and youth, elimination of Jewish and homosexual influence, suspicion of international banking conspiracies." 

But this does not make LaRouche a nazi. He would hardly want to recruit coloured people or jews if a nazi. The rhethoric is filled with much that seems "kooky" but the necessary element of "blood and soil", of "Master races" are lacking.

Some say that the typical LaRouchian conspiratorical view of the two methods of thinking and philosophy, that according to him has influenced all mankind from the beginning of known history until now, is an evidence that it is a nazi movement.

The LaRouchian DUALISTIC method of dividing IDEAS and the people that propagate these ideas, into two groups, THE EVIL GROUP, that is oligarchical (babylonian/aristotelian) versus THE GOOD GROUP, that is republican (jewish-christian and platonic) is indeed quite unique. It gives a coherent foundation for the conspiratorical worldview LaRouche has. But this is hardly racist. It is more related to dualistic religious cults that claims that the world only can be saved by those that believe like the cult does. It can be compared to christian sects that claim that only the members of that sect will "survive", the rest are not real christians and will be killed by God as unbelievers. DUALISM, the world is seen as a fight between good and evil.

In the same way as these cults, the typical LaRocuhian rhethoric does not care about what race or culture the person its trying to recruit has, all are welcome as long as they accept the creeds and dogmas of that specific cult.

Add to it the fact that LaRouche does not care very much what religion the person that enters his movement has, as long as that religion is adjusted to the creeds, methods and dogmas of the LaRouchian worldview!

Just as the typical cult, lets say a christian one, is not nazi just because it attacks most other religions or cultures (and says that rock music, homosexuality and financial interests in London and New York are evil), the LaRouchian cult is not nazi either, because it acts the same way!

Lets call a spade a spade, not a carrot or a chair! The LaRouchian cult is fascist and totalitarian, and a cult, not nazi. Allegations that that the LaRouchemovement is nazi, helps it to recruit new members!


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