Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Storm over Asia

I got a mail from a supporter of LaRouche yesterday. A member of LYM, I suppose. He asked me if I had seen the "prophetic" video Storm over Asia! http://wlym.com/video/storm_over_asia.asf

Yes I saw it when it came to Sweden via the PMR shipments from USA.

There was a lot of internal quarrel about this filmed speech. I remember that a film was made by RR some months before, that Lyn did not like. He attacked RR in the briefings for being incompetent.

Then he directed this "movie", Storm over Asia himself. It was descibed by Lyn and Helga, and the briefingwriters as "historical". And not only the content were historical, THE DIRECTOR and the new method the film was made ws historical. This time Lyn wanted to show how a real classical Scholar would direct and produce one of LaRouches filmed speeches.

The result made me sick, already back then. Look at it. He said that a true classical director sould not let the speaker stand in the middle. So he does not do that and during most parts of the film parts of his body is not seen on the fotage. Sometimes half his body is visible only. And LYN WANTED IT TO BE LIKE THAT! THAT WAS HIS REVOLUTIONARY NEW METHOD OF FOTAGE AND FILMMAKING!

The same with his eyemovements. He pretends that there is an audience and fakes movements with his eyes as if he was looking at an audience.

That is kind of weird!

This "historical" new and classical method to direct the filming of one of his speeches was actually the main point with the movie, not the content. I remember all these briefing memos and slugs about the "historical revival" och "classical methods" behind this film.

Sorry. I cant help thinking about this. The content is almost impossible to follow because of the lousy foto of the film.

Poor RR left the organization after being yelled at and miscredited by Lyn, and he was probably filled with disgust over the new film, that supposedly was so much better than the once he did! (Some years earlier RR he told me that he wanted to make more creative films, but the organization had stopped him. They said then that it was more coherent with LaRouchian methods to not use effects and creative methods of fotage and editing. The LaRouchian method was supposedly to just film the speaker without any nice effects. In 1999 that method was attacked by LaRouche!)



This might sound like a minor thing to tell in this blog. But still... Once again an example of LaRouchian double standards and how we members did not protest when we noticed that something was very wrong with something Lyn did. The foto of the film is crap, lousy! And so many members called it historical and beautiful or kept basicly silent. 

And believe me, had you read the memos of Lyn, you would have understood how much he emphazised that the film and FOTAGE in itself was sooooo historical and classical!

(I had a different opinion but kept a low profile. I think I mentioned that the fotage was lousy still to some members in Sweden. One of the members answered me: "but Helga has called it historical, dont you agree with her?". Quite an answer to give! M. Er. agreed with me, however, I remember! R. Ze too, If I remember it correctly!)


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