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Lyndon LaRouches "antisemitism": to use the "protocols of Sion" to recruit Jews!

A post from factnet in response to a debate about whether Lyndon LaRouche can be called an antisemite or not!


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I would say that LaRouche in one sense is antisemitic, in the same sense that he ALSO is antiswedish, antigerman, antibritish, antirussian, antiarab, anticatholic etc...

LaRouche is not saying that all Jews are evil, quite the opposite, he has always said that there is a good and an evil side of every culture, the Jewish too, and therefore he has always promoted a kind of jewish positive tradition and has always WANTED to recruit Jews, as well as people from all cultures. He has always wanted to cooperate with Israel. BUT... In his dualistic method he has used a mad conspiratorical method to justify his attacks on that which is "evil"... LaRouche often uses rumours, allegations and even sometimes proven forgeries and frauds, to justify the attacks. Every "fact" that fits with his worldview is accepted as a "proof", that his worldview is correct.

The most extreme example is Dope Inc, I believe... In 1978 he used the known forgery directed against the jews, the Protocols of Sion, in Dope Inc, and used it side by side with quotes from another a known forgery about the Catholic order of St John in Mexico. The aim was to proove his historical views about Catholics and Jews.

Why? For many reasons, most of the reasons cultish, to make money, get power, make sure the members gets more united against the "hostile" political world outside the organization (i.e. to make catholics as well as jews question the foundation for their cultures, in order for them to get closer to Lyn and to replace their culture/religion, with the LaRouchian version of it.)... Etc... But also for political reasons and... to RECRUIT! 

To take another example... We used to slander people and groups in extreme ways and then tried to RECRUIT people from the same layers of people. We slandered environmentalists, using LaRouches methods and lies, and then we tried to recruit them and TRANSFORM them!

So, look at Dope Inc! In 1978 - 1980 the LaRouche-organization had campaigns for a peace in the middle easy, based on greening the deserts, at the same time as the Dope Inc campaign was running. The funny thing was that Dope Inc was, among others, used to promote this "peace". (Talk about madness, to use the protocols of Sion to try to find new friends and contacts in Israel!)

You oldtimers can perhaps remember this?! Didnt you try to recruit Jews at booktables too, by talking about BOTH the Dope Inc and the Middle East peace? At least that is what I have heard quite a lot about! And the diplomatic work and the contacts with Israelis? Did you not use Dope Inc and similar publications, as well as War on Drugs magazine and The Campaigner AND the proposals for a peace????

In the same way we tried to recruit environmentalists, and transform them to some LaRouchian kind of environmentalist, pro nuclearpower and industry! 

In the early 1990s the organization in USA and Europe tried to "create peace" in the Middle East by spreading centerfolds praising the greening of the deserts that Israel had done in Negev, and selling the ADL book! I remember how we went to events in Sweden where we organized to get a peace, and TALKED WELL ABOUT ISRAEL; AND TRIED TO GET NEW ISRAELI CONTACTS amng diplomats and on conferences, by giving away the ADL-book and the centerfold on a peace in the middle east!

LaRouche might be antisemitic, as he was antirussian in the 80s and still to a degree is, and as LaRouche is anti-brittish... But he has never ever said that ALL JEWS ARE EVIL and does not believe in the blood-and-soil-theory! The same with racism. Yes, LaRouche is against jazz, but he supports negro spirituals! 
Since all that are recruited are recruited on the basis of fighting racism, nazis and of NOT being classical antisemites, and of the idea that all mankind is one, it is a disaster to even imply that it is nazi/racist or classical antisemitic, or that LYN shapes the organization in that direction. 

Ok, I know that the "fight for all mankind" or the fight against racism or against antisemitism is just as mad and wrong and crazy as the similar Moonie campaigns against racism, or the scientology campaigns for the unity of all mankind, but still... There is a difference. To say that LaRouche is nazi-like is as saying that Sun Myung Moon hates Koreans because he is racist! The last thing is actually what some has tried to say, and it did not work quite well!


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