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More on Jeremiah Duggan!

Ever since Lyndon LaRouche first popped up as a political force to recon with, during the strikes at the Columbia university in 1968, there has circulated very outspoken warnings about LaRouche. The problem is that the warnings has been mixed with political rhethoric of different kinds. Leftists has claimed that LaRouche of being everything from stalinists, a cultleader, a nazi, a democratic leader (!), a  capitalist, a sectleader, agent of the pope (!), fascist, Leninist, etc... The people on the right has accused him of being a communist, socialist, stalinist, agent of the pope (!), anticatholic, fascist, cultleader, nazi, etc...

While I was in the movement I actually quite often looked in our archives and read the accusations against the movement. They were sometimes wild.  As the Swedish TV-program Magazinet... In 1982 it claimed that the LaRouchemovement was for nuclear war!  I still thing that this accusation is the most amusing one, together with one that still circulates in Norway, that LaRouche is a KKK-grand dragon. They even had a picture of a person they claimed to be LaRouche, with white hood on. It was quite amusing, the person on the picture did not even look like him! Dagbladet in Norway claimed, when I spoke to them about the fact that the LaRouche movement recruits coloured people, that KKK often tries to recruit coloured people, and has a lot of black people in its ranks dressed in hoods!


Quite amusing!

What the movement is, and not is...

Part of the reason these accusations occur is because the movement in itself is indeed a very new and special phenomena. Its conspiratorical worldview, its hatered against certaing groups and persons, its harmageddon-like view that the end is near, and its use of namecalling is quite unheard of!

Thus, it is correct to warn people for it. But much of the remarks about the movements are also some comments that are purely political. As the accusation that it is a nazimovement! Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact is that LaRouche is liked, and people recruited to the movement, because people believe that it works AGAINST racism and nationalsocialism; because it attracts people of all races and creeds, because LaRouche LaRouche divides every culture into good and evil and has, thus, always something good to say about every culture; because LaRouche seems to fight for the rights of ALL people! (Off course I no longer believe that this fight for "all mankind" is to the good for mankind. It is not, it is the rantings and rhethoric of a cult!)

Any opposition that does not start with this simple fact, is neither truthful, nor efficient!

There is much talk about a young person that committed suicide after visiting a Schillerinstitute conference in 2003, jeremiah Duggan:

Duggan most probably went to the conference of the movement, because he found it to be AGAINST NAZIS AND RACISTS: However, the cult methods of the movement must have struk something in him and made him commit suicide. It is also possible that he reacted to the fact that the movement is a cult too. I.e he reacted against the cultmethods and the cultmethods also made him so destabilized that something happened within him! His inner ideas about things collided with the false, cultlike, optimism of the organization!

He committed suicide as a result!

That should be investigated. But in order to find out the truth, the very first thing to do is to kick out every person that believes that LaRouche is a nazi. Their false, or misinformed, writings has made many people join the organization in the belief that the opposition just is crazy and wrong and that therefore LaRouche has to be right!

The movement is a totalitarian cult, and should be treated as one. For the sake of Duggan, and for the sake of many more people that might be recruited to it in the future, if it is not stopped, I hope the investigations on what happened to him might be done without political rhethoric of the worst kind... If it is possible, after having having used wrong method for six years. 

Six years after the conference, at a time when many, or even the majority, of the participants has left the organization after realizing that it is a totalitarian cult, the Duggan campaign has not succeeded to get any of these ex. members that were at the conference and met Duggan to step forward. Could it be that they disagree with something fundamental?


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