Friday, March 20, 2009

Noun-generation? How we FELL into the LaRouchian noun-trap!

I just found this article: The British Empire’s Suicide Club: The Noun Generation

I am collecting links to write about one of LaRouches latest scare-stories, the one that Facebook and MySpace turns youth into Hitleryouth-like zombies or concentration camp victims. But that article will appear within the coming days.

For the moment I want to give you some small reflections on the LaRouchian obsession with verbs as superior to nouns in the language. "How would Wikipedia deal with the verb, “To be?” What “information” would they link to it? Wikipedia can’t deal with verbs!"

I, personally, think this is kind of funny because I know that Lyndon LaRouche have said many good things about the late Barry Fell, the so called "linguistic expert" that claimed to have translated every unknown language, and that discovered traces of Wikings (2500 years before they existed) in Ontario, Canada, that spoke old norse (a language that existed 2500 years after that date) and that was led by the later-to-become-God, Othin! 

According to LaRouche Fell is a great scientist!

But... LaRouche dont know any classical languages. That is very clear.

Barry Fell is known among some REAL linguists as the "I-found-a-part-of-a-substantive-in-my dictionary-and-compared-it to-what-I-think-was-written-on-the-stone-twothousand-years-earlier-man"! NOUNS and the arbitrary "connect-the-dots", method whereby he links together parts of a alleged word with dictionary NOUNS, is in the focus according to the method of Fell!

I will write more about the noun-seeking dictionary method of the late Barry Fell, that LaRouche likes do much, later on, as well as more on the current attacks on Facebook and Myspace and Wikipedia.


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