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On my choice of links...

As I have stated in my blog I disagree with the method of some people that are working to expose the LaRouchemovement. I, personally, dont like the writings of Dennis King very much. I was actually recruited to the organization by them. 

Yes! I read his book in 1989, and his statements seeking to prove that LaRouche is a nazi and the organization is a antisemitic-nazi-racist thing, and I looked at what the organization said and did and saw that the organization fought against racism and nazis and were recruiting people of all colours and religions.

That double standard of King was one of the crucial things that made me join the organization.

If I had seen a more truthful desciption of what the movement was doing it would have been possible that I would have choosed not to join as a full time member, since I at the time, was puzzled with some of the strange things I saw in the movement. I read the wrong book!

Still today I cant just disregard all I did in the organization and all work AGAINST racism, antisemitism and nazis I was involved in. I cant simply buy the simplified line of King and some others. Yes, LaRouche is a fascist, a cultleader that would bring a disaster upon mankind if he and his organization got to power, but they are no simple nazis!

However... I think the book by Dennis King on the LaRouchemovement, as well as his webbsite, is important and contains many important articles. For the sake of discussion, real dialogue and real freedom of thought, something that does not exist inside the organization LaRouche has created, I have included Kings webbsite among the links, as well as the Duggan site and will refer to these sites often in my blog.



This post from the factnet by Candor describes well the problems and weaknesses, as well as the strengths, of Dennis King:

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Dennis King has complained that ex-members don't step forward to fight LaRouche, and for that he must find himself hoisted by his own petard.

Any ex-member I know has not the least cell of antisemitism in his/her body, and many are in fact Jews. So after decades of running around calling LaRouche "Nazi" and "antisemite", which of us should want to go out publicly to denounce LaRouche and have the "ex-Nazi" label flung at us? To the best of my knowledge, no one I knew in the LYM was prone to antisemitism in the least.

HOWEVER, King has helped me to learn about the antisemitic and other kook sources for many of LaRouche's rants of which I was unaware. King clearly demonstrates that LaRouche has for many years knowingly filtered all kinds of racist, conspiracist filth through the sieve of his alcohol-addled mind onto paper.

So while King has made it undesirable for me to stand out against LaRouche because always I had thought that I was in opposition to all forms of racism and fascism, he has also well demonstrated that LaRouche himself is an antisemite and misogynist of the first drawer. Note that LaRouche's remarks on Obama earlier this summer exposed the drunkard as an anti-black racist as well.

The farther I get from that madhouse, the more clearly do I see the evil nonsense I was promoting.

P.S. Note that now LaRouche has Soros as the next in line of his evil Jews.
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