Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Forced abortions...

The Swedish branch of the LaRouchemovement has often, historically, been described by the other parts of the LaRouchemovement as a kind of "crazy". One of the reasons is that Swedish organizers often has tried to create families and babies.

So it is still today. Even if it is not regarded as as crazy as before.    :o)

An ex. leader of the Swedish organization, Kerstin, got a child around 1986 and the response of Helga Zepp laRouche was "if they feel lonely they should get a dog instead of a child". When the new chairman in Sweden, M, got a child in 1991 I remember how the Wiesbaden leaders were speaking about M and Sweden as the "madhouse". One of the main reasons for this remark was that M was having this child with Å (and the children ex members that had dropped out had gotten like S and K as well as P and B...).

M remarked some time before he left the organization that "it is easy to claim to love mankind but it is harder to show some real love for individual men and women..."

Why has the organizationbeen so much against kids?

To have children is expensive, they would have to be fed and encouraged to develop. And it takes TIME and love and energy. Lyndon and helga Zepp LaRouche, as well as some leaders of the movement, has therefore discouraged members from having children. The CAUSE, the 24/7 warlike mobilization for the future of mankind is the only thing that matters, the emotional and social development of the individual member is of less importance. Once again: the Lycurgian motto that the "citizen exists for the good of the state", transformed as the LaRouchian motto that the individual member exists for LaRouche and the organization!

It is like this still today, even if some members, like the swedes, do have children.

The double standards of LaRouche and his movement can be seen in the policy of FORCED ABORTIONS that the organization had (and perhaps still in fact do have in some parts of the organization?!). At the same time as LaRouche and his cadre of leaders was quoting the Bible, "be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it", and creating the "Club of Life" that would fight the forced abortions in the poorer countries, members were forced to make abortions INSIDE the organization and it was seen as more or less a treason to have a baby.

And yes, Swedes (if anyone from the swedish LYM is reading this). Ask Stephen or Hussein about it. Stephen can testify that it functioned like that. That he has had the courage to get children anyhow, today, does not change that fact! And that policy of forced abortions was a policy that LaRouche dictated. As with all crazy things in the organization it is the LEADERS that create it. The seven hours workday was ordered by LaRouche, the same with the forced abortion policy!

On the Dennis King Webbsite there is a new article by Molly Kronberg that I would recommend you to read on this subject: "LaRouche's Revolution Devours Its Children"...

Read also the old articles on forced abortion:


"It was okay for his wife Helga to fly her dogs to and fro, and feed them steak...but it was regarded as indolent opulence to waste money and food on a baby."

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