Friday, March 13, 2009

Democracy - as LaRouche views it!

" ‘Democracy’ is like a farm without a farmer, in which the chickens, sheep, cows, horses and pigs form ‘constituencies’ according to Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau or John Stuart Mill. Each constituency is but a collection of beasts, each with special ‘self-interests’ defined as animals might define self interests. The highest level of law in such a democratic animal farm is the ‘social contracts’ among these bestial constituencies.

"The human species is not a collection of chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and so forth. Therefore, ‘pluralism’ and other British notions of ‘democracy’ are fit only for British aristocrats, not for self-respecting human beings such as the citizens of the United States.

"The essence of republican organization, including republican parties, is the mobilization of a majority of the citizens as a conscious force engaged in direct deliberation of the policymaking of the nation, of discovering which policies are in fact currently in the interest of the nation and its posterity. By creating a republican labor party of such trade unionists and ethnic minorities, we shall end the rule of irrationalist episodic majorities, of British liberal notions of ‘democracy.’ "

/Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. “Creating a Republican Labor Party.” 

1980 )

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