Thursday, June 18, 2009

The truth about LaRouches campaign for "better" healthcare...

The signature "Eaglebeak" posted this on the Factnet recently. Bear in mind that LaRouche uses the same method INSIDE the organization that he calls "nazi-economics" when talking about the US government!



Boom (er) Bust

Overheard in Giant

You might call it gossip, if it were more light-hearted. But it's really pretty grim.

I have heard several reports around town recently about members in their 50s--people who have been in the organization since their college days--being thrown off insurance.

This includes:

People with chronic, debilitating diseases

People who went to prison for LaRouche, for Pete's sake

People who haven't held a real job in their whole adult lives, and are too sick (and unskilled) to get them now

People with thousands of dollars per annum in prescription drug bills

They're old, they're expensive--why, some may even be losing their passion for Lyn's Kampf--

So whoosh! Out they go!

What I can't figure out is how Lyn, crowding 87, thinks he's still younger than springtime.

The pictures on LPAC, when the Youth "LPAC editors" are dumb enough to put them up, certainly give that fantasy the lie.

I can't figure out how the "Boomer" members can put up with the obvious fear and loathing Lyn exhibits towards them.

But then I remember.... It's spelled C-U-L-T. The Soviets had their Prolet-kult, Bismarck had his Kult-ur-kampf,, but all that's left to Lyn is the Kult.

No Uncle Joe or Iron Chancellor he.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The double standards of Lyndon LaRouche's cult: health care!

Double standards is always a sign that something is wrong, in "normal" politics and religion as well as in cults, like the LaRouchemovement.

However, double standards can also empower a person that is in a cult to think for themselves! The American cult expert Steven Hassan ( ) writes in his books that it is very often the double standards that helps people leave a cult. When they see that the methods of the cult is another one than the teachings of the cult it is an alarm-bell, and it CAN make the cultmember think about what the heck he or she is doing.

I had many such double standards that helped me when I decided to stop bullshitting and leave the LaRouchemovement. For example:

* The cult claimed to be against "labor intensive work" (slave labor) but depite this the central parts of the cult (especially in the USA) worked seven days a week with the cult for more than twelve hours a day (except sunday, when they worked less), almost for nothing!

* LaRouche claims to base his method on HYPOTHESIS, and claims that no human can know the absolute truth, depite that LaRouche himself in EVERY speech and article claims that his worldview is THE truth, and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find one single hypothesis in any of his "scientific works" ("Hypothesis non fingo", to be blunt!)

* Since LaRouche holds the truth, no opposition is allowed and people can be subjected to harch attacks for doing such "outrageous" things as listening to Beatles of Elvis! (=i.e. the movement is NOT agapic, as it claims)

* This last thing means that the organization is dualistic, manichean, even if it claims to dialike dualism and manichean thinking. Everything is black and white, good and evil... And there are no greyscales and no colours...

All current members should look at the campaign for the healthcare in the USA. It is claimed that Obama is like Hitler because his health care reform is like the nazi genocidial program to "eliminate useless eaters" (disabled for example).

This is how Nancy Spannaus descibes it in the June 12 EIR:

"The Obama team showed no shame. Again and again, burnished under a patina of bureaucratic jargon, they demanded hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts for the most vulnerable of American citizens, insisted upon stopping so-called unnecessary medical care for as much as a third of the American population, and put their version of fiscal health before the lives of people. While they brazenly pour trillions of dollars of Federal monies into the very banking institutions which have brought the world economy to its knees, they tell American citizens, particularly those on Medicare and Medicaid, that they are "overconsuming" health care, and have to be stopped, "for their own good.""

I have no opinion on the US health care reforms and Obama, I know too little, but this much I can say: There is much that is wrong with it and I know for sure that some jerks in power believe that it is too expensive to help all people. That is not only wrong, it is also bad economics. I agree on that!

But before attacking others the movement should perhaps look at its internal policy!

My question to all that are members in the LaRouchemovement is if you have an insurance that is the best possible? Do all youngsters that join the movement immediately get an insurance that covers all? And is the families insured too, as is the case with many, many insurances in the USA.

Off course it is not!

People that have left the LaRouchemovement in the USA can tell that it is not so. The organization pays the most basic health care, but the insurances, if they even exist, are the cheapest and simpliest possible!

And this winter there was a big debate in Leesburg (the HQ for the cult) because the movement actually decided that family members that are no longer members of the cult or cannot work with the cult (for medical reason) should not get medical help, in the form of insurances for the family, from the cult.

And people that suffer some medical problem because he or she is sitting in a dusty office eight (!) days a week, it is not automaticly so that the working conditions are improved and the cultmember gets help. No, not at all!

So, why attacking Obama when you first should attack Lyndon and get a health care that is ok, not like today when the health care "insurances" and working conditions are so lousy that only other employers that use "labor intensive work" (slave labor) can be compared to it!

And... Lyndon LaRouche recently claimed that abortion is wrong and some kind of murder! Well... EVERY OLDER MEMBER OF THE CULT KNOWS WHAT PRACTICES THE CULT USED UP UNTIL THE 80s! It was abortion, abortion, abortion! The cult does not like children, that is a FACT!

If you still believe in the movements campaign for health care, you should begin by kicking LaRouches butt, not by attacking Obama!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Is the LaRouchemovement a cult? Check out Dr. Robert J. Lifton's criterias for what a cult is.

(Chapel Hill, 1989)
CHAPTER 15 (New York 1987)

Any ideology -- that is, any set of emotionally-charged convictions
about men and his relationship to the natural or supernatural world
-- may be carried by its adherents in a totalistic direction. But
this is most likely to occur with those ideologies which are most
sweeping in their content and most ambitious or messianic in
their claim, whether a religious or political organization. And
where totalism exists, a religion, or a political movement becomes
little more than an exclusive cult.

Here you will find a set of criteria, eight psychological themes against
which any environment may be judged. In combination, they create an
atmosphere which may temporarily energize or exhilarate, but which at the
same time pose the gravest of human threats.



the most basic feature is the control of human communication within
and environment if the control is extremely intense, it becomes
internalized control -- an attempt to manage an individual's inner
communication control over all a person sees, hears, reads, writes
(information control)
creates conflicts in respect to individual autonomy
groups express this in several ways: Group process, isolation from
other people, psychological pressure, geographical distance or
unavailable transportation, sometimes physical pressure
often a sequence of events, such as seminars, lectures, group
encounters, which become increasingly intense and increasingly
isolated, making it extremely difficult-- both physically and
psychologically--for one to leave.
sets up a sense of antagonism with the outside world; it's us
against them
closely connected to the process of individual change (of personality)

2. MYSTICAL MANIPULATION (Planned spontaneity)

extensive personal manipulation
seeks to promote specific patterns of behavior and emotion in such
a way that it appears to have arisen spontaneously from within the
environment, while it actually has been orchestrated
totalist leaders claim to be agents chosen by God, history, or
some supernatural force, to carry out the mystical imperative
the "principles" (God-centered or otherwise) can be put forcibly and
claimed exclusively, so that the cult and its beliefs become the only
true path to salvation (or enlightenment)
the individual then develops the psychology of the pawn, and
participates actively in the manipulation of others
the leader who becomes the center of the mystical manipulation (or
the person in whose name it is done) can be sometimes more real than
an abstract god and therefore attractive to cult members
legitimizes the deception used to recruit new members and/or raise
funds, and the deception used on the "outside world"


the world becomes sharply divided into the pure and the impure, the
absolutely good (the group/ideology) and the absolutely evil
(everything outside the group)
one must continually change or conform to the group "norm"
tendencies towards guilt and shame are used as emotional levers for
the group's controlling and manipulative influences
once a person has experienced the totalist polarization of good/evil
(black/white thinking), he has great difficulty in regaining a more
balanced inner sensitivity to the complexities of human morality
the radical separation of pure/impure is both within the environment
(the group) and the individual
ties in with the process of confession -- one must confess when one
is not conforming


cultic confession is carried beyond its ordinary religious, legal
and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in itself
sessions in which one confesses to one's sin are accompanied by
patterns of criticism and self-criticism, generally transpiring within
small groups with an active and dynamic thrust toward personal change
is an act of symbolic self-surrender
makes it virtually impossible to attain a reasonable balance between
worth and humility
a young person confessing to various sins of pre-cultic existence can
both believe in those sins and be covering over other ideas and
feelings that s/he is either unaware of or reluctant to discuss
often a person will confess to lesser sins while holding on to other
secrets (often criticisms/questions/doubts about the group/leaders
that may cause them not to advance to a leadership position)
"the more I accuse myself, the more I have a right to judge you"


the totalist milieu maintains an aura of sacredness around its basic
doctrine or ideology, holding it as an ultimate moral vision for the
ordering of human existence
questioning or criticizing those basic assumptions is prohibited
a reverence is demanded for the ideology/doctrine, the originators of
the ideology/doctrine, the present bearers of the ideology/doctrine
offers considerable security to young people because it greatly
simplifies the world and answers a contemporary need to combine a
sacred set of dogmatic principles with a claim to a science embodying
the truth about human behavior and human psychology


the language of the totalist environment is characterized by the
thought-terminating cliche (thought-stoppers)
repetitiously centered on all-encompassing jargon
"the language of non-thought"
words are given new meanings -- the outside world does not use the
words or phrases in the same way -- it becomes a "group" word or


every issue in one's life can be reduced to a single set of principles
that have an inner coherence to the point that one can claim the
experience of truth and feel it
the pattern of doctrine over person occurs when there is a conflict
between what one feels oneself experiencing and what the doctrine or
ideology says one should experience
if one questions the beliefs of the group or the leaders of the group,
one is made to feel that there is something inherently wrong with them
to even question -- it is always "turned around" on them and the
questioner/criticizer is questioned rather than the questions answered
the underlying assumption is that doctrine/ideology is ultimately more
valid, true and real than any aspect of actual human character or
human experience and one must subject one's experience to that "truth"
the experience of contradiction can be immediately associated with guilt
one is made to feel that doubts are reflections of one's own evil
when doubt arises, conflicts become intense


since the group has an absolute or totalist vision of truth, those who
are not in the group are bound up in evil, are not enlightened, are not
saved, and do not have the right to exist
"being verses nothingness"
impediments to legitimate being must be pushed away or destroyed
one outside the group may always receive their right of existence by
joining the group
fear manipulation -- if one leaves this group, one leaves God or loses
their transformation, for something bad will happen to them
the group is the "elite", outsiders are "of the world", "evil",
"unenlightened", etc.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

From the factnet: Lyndon LaRouche and the double standards on Obama

The LaRouchemovement views Obama as a new Hitler, so once again... The contrast between what the movement claims that it aims for, and what it does, or says about Obama is, is striking!

This thing was posted by "poe" on the Factnet last night! I want to share it with you! ( )



POST #2279 06-05-2009, 04:07 PM poe

Yesterday the President of the United States of America gave a speech in Egypt, the country where Schiller claims Monotheism was born. In that speech, the President:

1) Called for a Dialogue of Civilizations between Islam and the West.

2) Spoke of that which unifies the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

3) Called for a Two-State solution to the Israeli-Palestine dispute.

4) Taught about how the Arab Renaissance helped produce the European Renaissance.

5) Demanded a halt to the building of Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Territory.

6) Reminded the world that the United States was born out of a war against Empire.

7) Called the United States a historical force for progress in the world.

8) Called for removing all combat troops from Iraq by 2012.

9) Stated that a day to day improvement in the economic life of the Palestinians is necessary for the security of Israel.

10) Preached about how Non-Violent methods are the best means fot achieving political change.


11) Upheld the fundemental right of all nations, even Islamic ones, to the Peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Now, all eleven of these things were things that we were fighting for back when I was a member of the Labor Committees. So , after the speech, I went to all of the LaRouche websites to try to see what The Organization was saying about it. But all I could find there was posters of the President with mustaches scribbled on them, and video clips of children cussing.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have fun! :o)

First go to the "LaRouche memo-generator". Here you can generate random "internal memos" from LaRouche. All made up by combining real sentences by Lyndon LaRouche.

The spooky thing with the generator is that the "memos" are not half as crazy as the real memos LaRouche writes, but that it still looks like an authenthic LaRouche-product!

Secondly. The Swedish cartoonist Lindström ( has drawn a picture from the latest cadre school with LYM, the LaRouche Youth Movement. It is the picture below! Please notice that it is Helga Zepp LaRouche that is giving the speech!

Thirdly! A reader of this blog noticed me that the cartoon figure Herman looks and acts a lot like Lyndon. that is true: Here is a picture of a typical evening at the residence of Lyndon and Helga!