Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The double standards of Lyndon LaRouche's cult: health care!

Double standards is always a sign that something is wrong, in "normal" politics and religion as well as in cults, like the LaRouchemovement.

However, double standards can also empower a person that is in a cult to think for themselves! The American cult expert Steven Hassan ( http://www.freedomofmind.com/ ) writes in his books that it is very often the double standards that helps people leave a cult. When they see that the methods of the cult is another one than the teachings of the cult it is an alarm-bell, and it CAN make the cultmember think about what the heck he or she is doing.

I had many such double standards that helped me when I decided to stop bullshitting and leave the LaRouchemovement. For example:

* The cult claimed to be against "labor intensive work" (slave labor) but depite this the central parts of the cult (especially in the USA) worked seven days a week with the cult for more than twelve hours a day (except sunday, when they worked less), almost for nothing!

* LaRouche claims to base his method on HYPOTHESIS, and claims that no human can know the absolute truth, depite that LaRouche himself in EVERY speech and article claims that his worldview is THE truth, and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find one single hypothesis in any of his "scientific works" ("Hypothesis non fingo", to be blunt!)

* Since LaRouche holds the truth, no opposition is allowed and people can be subjected to harch attacks for doing such "outrageous" things as listening to Beatles of Elvis! (=i.e. the movement is NOT agapic, as it claims)

* This last thing means that the organization is dualistic, manichean, even if it claims to dialike dualism and manichean thinking. Everything is black and white, good and evil... And there are no greyscales and no colours...

All current members should look at the campaign for the healthcare in the USA. It is claimed that Obama is like Hitler because his health care reform is like the nazi genocidial program to "eliminate useless eaters" (disabled for example).

This is how Nancy Spannaus descibes it in the June 12 EIR:

"The Obama team showed no shame. Again and again, burnished under a patina of bureaucratic jargon, they demanded hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts for the most vulnerable of American citizens, insisted upon stopping so-called unnecessary medical care for as much as a third of the American population, and put their version of fiscal health before the lives of people. While they brazenly pour trillions of dollars of Federal monies into the very banking institutions which have brought the world economy to its knees, they tell American citizens, particularly those on Medicare and Medicaid, that they are "overconsuming" health care, and have to be stopped, "for their own good.""

I have no opinion on the US health care reforms and Obama, I know too little, but this much I can say: There is much that is wrong with it and I know for sure that some jerks in power believe that it is too expensive to help all people. That is not only wrong, it is also bad economics. I agree on that!

But before attacking others the movement should perhaps look at its internal policy!

My question to all that are members in the LaRouchemovement is if you have an insurance that is the best possible? Do all youngsters that join the movement immediately get an insurance that covers all? And is the families insured too, as is the case with many, many insurances in the USA.

Off course it is not!

People that have left the LaRouchemovement in the USA can tell that it is not so. The organization pays the most basic health care, but the insurances, if they even exist, are the cheapest and simpliest possible!

And this winter there was a big debate in Leesburg (the HQ for the cult) because the movement actually decided that family members that are no longer members of the cult or cannot work with the cult (for medical reason) should not get medical help, in the form of insurances for the family, from the cult.

And people that suffer some medical problem because he or she is sitting in a dusty office eight (!) days a week, it is not automaticly so that the working conditions are improved and the cultmember gets help. No, not at all!

So, why attacking Obama when you first should attack Lyndon and get a health care that is ok, not like today when the health care "insurances" and working conditions are so lousy that only other employers that use "labor intensive work" (slave labor) can be compared to it!

And... Lyndon LaRouche recently claimed that abortion is wrong and some kind of murder! Well... EVERY OLDER MEMBER OF THE CULT KNOWS WHAT PRACTICES THE CULT USED UP UNTIL THE 80s! It was abortion, abortion, abortion! The cult does not like children, that is a FACT!

If you still believe in the movements campaign for health care, you should begin by kicking LaRouches butt, not by attacking Obama!



  1. Who is the nazi? Obama or Lyndon?

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