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Dope Inc... Antisemitism and Anti-catholicism recycled as LaRouchism!

In March 2009 Lyndon LaRouches magazine, EIR;  publiced a new study: `Britain's Dope, Inc.: Marker for Humanity's New Dark Age'http://www.larouchepub.com/pr/2009/090302eir_dope_inc.html

In the press release for the study, the EIR says that the new study follows the "method" that was established in 1978, under the leadership of Lyndon H. LaRouche, with the publication of the book "Dope Inc":

"Conceptually, EIR's approach continues the method outlined in its breakthrough 1978 book, "Dope, Inc.," which elaborated in historical depth, how the British Empire—now transformed into the globalized Anglo-Dutch financial system—imposed the drug trade, from the top down, in the interest of maintaining its political control over the world's population."

Now that Dope Inc is being recycled it is important to look at the method used in the Dope Inc, especially since the authors say it was so groundbreaking!

Well, lets look at it!

The oaths!

Two known forgeries were picked up and used by the authors of Dope Inc: The "Protocols of the elders of Sion" and the so called "Jesuit Oath"/"Knight of Columbus Oath".

These forgeries were used as a proof that a great conspiracy exists, and existed, to enslave humanity. A conspiracy run by "oligarchs, especially British oligarchs, and their errand boys, like the "order of Sion" and Catholic Orders...

"The Order of Zion was simply the Jewish division of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the London-centered chivalric order and secret society, whose members swear — and act on — a blood oath. A secret meeting in Paris in 1884 yielded the famous minutes of the Order, published under the title: Protocols of the elders of Sion. The minutes were intercepted and published by the Russian counterintelligence service, the Okhrana. The question of the authenticity of the Protocols has been a matter of fierce, even hysterical dispute. The question may be settled with dispatch by a textual comparison between the oaths of the Order of Zion printed in the Protocols, and the blood-curdling oaths sworn by initiates into the fourth Grade of the Knights of Columbus of Mexico, which maintains close ties to the Jesuits and to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, which reads in part as follows:


"I promise and declare that I will, when the opportunity presents itself to me, wage war without quarter, secretly or openly, against all the heretics, Protestant and Mason, such as I may be ordered to do, in order to extirpate them from the face of earth, and I will not take into account either age, sex or station, and I will hang, burn, strangle and bury alive those infamous heretics: I will cut open the stomachs and wombs of their women and smash the heads of the babies against the rocks and walls, in order to annihilate the execrable race; that when this cannot be done openly, I will secretly employ the poison cut, strangulation, the sword, dagger or bullet, without consideration for the honor, rank, dignity or authority of the persons, whatever their status in public or private life may be, such as I may be ordered at any time. . . .

If I manifest falsity or weakness in my determination, I consent that my brothers and comrade soldiers in the army of the Pope may cut off my hands, my feet and slit my throat from ear to ear. . . .

I promise to execute and fulfill this oath, in testimony whereof, I take this sacred sacrament of the Eucharist and affirm it even with my name written with the point of this dagger, drenched in my own blood and sealed in the presence of this holy sacrament. Amen."

The genealogy of a lie

Lets look at these forgeries!

The protocols of Sion is a known forgery, that antisemites has used for a hundred and twenty years. However, Lyndon LaRouche is perhaps the first person that has tried to recruit jews by using the protocols! (So mad is Lyndon LaRouche!) 

The origin of the other forgery is less publicly known, but not less interesting.

The  so called "Oath of the fourth Grade of the Knights of Columbus of Mexico" traces its roots almost 500 years back.

The phrase "I will hang, burn, strangle and bury alive those infamous heretics: I will cut open the stomachs and wombs of their women and smash the heads of the babies against the rocks and walls", etc, etc, was used first in the 1500s by protestants in their fight against the pope. (Admittedly the Catholics used similar slanders against the protestants, they were by no mean "better" than the protestants in this respect.) First it was claimed that the closest advisors of the pope took this oath. When the counterreformation started later that century it was said that its members, and the jesuits, took that oath.

I own a calvinst book, defending calvinism, written by Hugo Grotius in the early 1600s that used quotes like this, to prove that the jesuits were evil: inluding the last words: "written with the point of this dagger, drenched in my own blood".

In the 1800s this oath, called the secret "extreme jesuit oath" was used both by the Klu Klux Klan and by opponents of the Klan (!). In both instances to slander and dehumanize catholics but in the end of the century it was basicly only the KKK that used it, against catholics. Until 1900 it was only known as the extreme jesuit oath, or as the oath of the inquisition, but now it was described as the "Oath of the Knights of Columbus" too.

When John F. kennedy, who was a catholic, was attacked by opponents that used the "Oath", Time Magazine wrote this about it:

"Passed from hand to hand under tables, slipped under doors, sent anonymously through the mails, an old and notorious piece of anti-Catholic propaganda turned up last week in scattered cities and towns, mostly in the South. Part of a spreading anti-Catholic campaign against Presidential Candidate John F. Kennedy, the document purports to be the oath of the Knights of Columbus, a 1-million member-fraternal order of Roman Catholic men (Kennedy is a member)

Sample quote from one version of the fake oath: "I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, wage relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants, and Masons, as I am directed to do, to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth."  

This fraud, like the bogus Protocols of the Elders of Zion used against the Jews, has been spread by bigots for almost half a century. It first turned up in a congressional election in 1912 in a lunatic-fringe tract mailed from Aurora, Mo. The following year, a congressional committee investigating unfair election practices condemned the oath as a fabrication. 

At that time, the false oath was read into the Congressional Record, a fact that present day bigots cite to lend it an air of authenticity. Ku Klux Klanners circulated it against Al Smith in 1928. 

It turned up again last spring during the West Virginia primary battle between Jack Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. A scattering of clergymen have recently quoted it in sermons, and it has been printed in newsletters of Southern Baptist Churches in Rainelle, W. Va.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Greensboro, N.C.; and Knoxville, Tenn. One clergyman of the Nazarene Baptist Church, W. L. King, who quoted the oath and refused to retract when its fraud was pointed out to him, last week was charged with criminal libel in the magistrate's court at West View, Pa.  

Full text of the actual "obligation" taken by members of the Knights of Columbus' top Fourth Degree: I swear to support the Constitution of the United States. I pledge myself, as a Catholic citizen and a Knight of Columbus, fully to enlighten myself upon my duties as a citizen and conscientiously perform them entirely in the interest of my country, regardless of all personal consequences. I pledge myself to do all in my power to preserve the integrity and purity of the ballot and to promote respect for law and order. I promise to practice my religion consistently and faithfully, and to so conduct myself in public affairs and in the exercise of public virtue as to reflect nothing but credit upon our Holy Church, to the end that She may flourish and our country prosper to the greater honor and glory of God. (Time magazine, August 29, 1960, p.15)


That Lyndon LaRouche used a wellknown forgery, that was used by the KKK to slander catholics, like John F. Kennedy, in his "groundbreaking" study, Dope Inc, is important. This remains important even if the chapters with the forgeries have been removed from the editions of Dope Inc that was published after 1978. 

The method of LaRouche is one of lies, slanders and forgeries, nothing else! And sometimes LaRouche and his followers use rethoric and "facts" that has been used by racists, religiousnfundamentalists, nazis, fascists, totalitarians and madmen of all centuries, to prove his case!

Really a nice "method", isnt it?




To read the relevant chapters of Dope Inc., look here: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/health/drugs/news.php?q=1214937476 Look at chapter 2!

To study how the anti-Catholic oath is used today, and has been used historicaly, look at these webbpages:

PS Study this document too, that was published on the website of Dennis King: http://lyndonlarouchewatch.org/larouche-terrorism2.pdf . This document by LaRouche that uses the forgery was published in September 1978.

Look at this previous post too, about how the movement tried to recruit jews, using the Protocols: http://american-lycurgus.blogspot.com/2009/03/lyndon-larouche-and-peace-through-hate.html

What makes a young person join the LaRouche Youth Movement?

A message was posted on my blog yesterday that I want to share with you!




I've been reading factnet.

You are right - and it's very important (in my opinion) that you continue to stand up against the faction who are focusing on anti-semetism of LaRouche.

1. Nobody joins the organization(cult) because it's anti-semetic.

2. In fact, right before I joined - a member showed me an article saying LaRouche was "anti-semetic." It was a charge - for those trying to recruit me- easy to dismiss and make fun of - and at that time - it helped "push me" into the cult.

3. As already stated in various ways by various people in fact-net - if you try and
talk somebody out of joining LaRouche - by just discussing "idealogy" - you have lost the battle before it's begun. But this is what King and Berlett continue to do. I am not discounting the anti-semetic remarks of LaRouche - he can declare himself God if he wants - I'm saying no matter what he says - what really matters is the pressure, intimidation, hopelessness, and fear (sometimes in cleverly subtle ways) that is put into the minds of the new recruits and members - that is what killed Jeremiah and Ken - and others as well. Of course, all of this comes down from LaRouche - not much different from Hitler - or any other ruthless dictator you care to think of. When I was in -it was a matter of pride - being "ruthless".

4. You have a bunch of people - and their heads are filled with all this ideology - how to double a square - revise middle C - all the conspiracy of the world crap. Now that they are even interested in this - they are told they are budding humanists - and they are the world's only hope against - the oligarchy(and don't give me the "coded crap" -
I'm speaking to the "coded-theorists" here - the point is - any member sees himself as someone who is out to save the world against evil - which turns out to be anybody who questions LaRouche. Since "outside" people stay away from LaRouche as far as possible - the people who get the brunt of most of this rage - is any member or recruit who steps out of line.

5. Prediction -LaRouche and his zombie-parrots-out-to-save-the-world are going to be increasing - not decreasing in numbers. After LaRouche is gone (that could be another 10 years - the recruiting could accelerate even more. What do I base this on? - by reading factnet. I am shocked by the accounts of how pressure is continually being increased on new members. Sure - many will eventually come out. But I forsee - more individual suicides - I am not talking about Jerimiah here - I'm convinced he was very fearful - and he was trying to get away in a desparate attempt - we must get the facts - as to what exactly happened - saying LaRouche is "anti-semite" - is not going to help get the facts. It's an idealogical cop-out - merely making us feel more superior - than the LaRouchies - umh - I wonder where that type of mind-game got started.

6. Please don't misunderstand or mis-construe some of the things I'm saying here. I have a lot of compassion for these people - I was one of them once. It scares me to think about their futures. They all got themselves into this trying to save the world thing - it's a tough mentality to break out of - but we have had whole populations - who have gotten into the same problem - Nazi Germany, the North Koreans - to name a few. I would make this the first challenge to anyone recently recruited - how are you currently living your life more like - a North Korean? - or an average American? 

You may paste this to factnet - but please help guard my identity."

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What Aldous Huxley and George Orwell wrote about LaRouche...

HUXLEY - Name Calling

In Words and Behaviour," Aldous Huxley wrote about "name calling", and "hate speech" that "men use for suppressing and distorting the truth" (1937, 1975):

"We know that the harming or killing of men and women is wrong, and we are reluctant consciously to do what we know to be wrong. But when particular men and women [and we must add, sadly, children] are thought of merely as representatives of a class, which has previously been defined as evil and personified in the shape of a devil, then the reluctance to hurt (...) disappears..."

When called bad names they "cease to be conceived as what they really are--human persons--and become for the users of this fatally inappropriate language mere vermin or, worse, demons whom it is right and proper to destroy as thoroughly and as painfully as possible.

 Whereever persons are present, questions of morality arise. Rulers of nations and leaders of parties find morality embarrassing. That is why they take such pains to depersonalize their opponents. 

All propaganda directed against an opposing group has but one aim: to substitute diabolical abstractions for concrete persons. 

The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. By robbing them of their personality, he puts them outside the pale of moral obligation. Mere symbols have no rights--particularly when that of which they are symbolical is, by definition, evil."

Hey! Huxley is actually talking about Lyndon LaRouche!

ORWELL - Newspeak and double-think

In the Excellent book "THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM" Emmanuel Goldstein wrote this about Lyndon H. LaRouches use of language:

"This peculiar linking-together of opposites -- knowledge with ignorance, cynicism with fanaticism-is one of the chief distinguishing marks of Oceanic society. 

The official ideology abounds with contradictions even when there is no practical reason for them. Thus, the Party rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it chooses to do this in the name of Socialism. It preaches a contempt for the working class unexampled for centuries past, and it dresses its members in a uniform which was at one time peculiar to manual workers and was adopted for that reason.

 It systematically undermines the solidarity of the family, and it calls its leader by a name which is a direct appeal to the sentiment of family loyalty. 

Even the names of the four Ministries by which we are governed exhibit a sort of impudence in their deliberate reversal of the facts. The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. 

These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises in doublethink. For it is only by reconciling contradictions that power can be retained indefinitely. In no other way could the ancient cycle be broken. 

If human equality is to be for ever averted -- if the High, as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently -- then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity.

(1984, Orwell)

Lyndon LaRouches "antisemitism": to use the "protocols of Sion" to recruit Jews!

A post from factnet in response to a debate about whether Lyndon LaRouche can be called an antisemite or not!


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I would say that LaRouche in one sense is antisemitic, in the same sense that he ALSO is antiswedish, antigerman, antibritish, antirussian, antiarab, anticatholic etc...

LaRouche is not saying that all Jews are evil, quite the opposite, he has always said that there is a good and an evil side of every culture, the Jewish too, and therefore he has always promoted a kind of jewish positive tradition and has always WANTED to recruit Jews, as well as people from all cultures. He has always wanted to cooperate with Israel. BUT... In his dualistic method he has used a mad conspiratorical method to justify his attacks on that which is "evil"... LaRouche often uses rumours, allegations and even sometimes proven forgeries and frauds, to justify the attacks. Every "fact" that fits with his worldview is accepted as a "proof", that his worldview is correct.

The most extreme example is Dope Inc, I believe... In 1978 he used the known forgery directed against the jews, the Protocols of Sion, in Dope Inc, and used it side by side with quotes from another a known forgery about the Catholic order of St John in Mexico. The aim was to proove his historical views about Catholics and Jews.

Why? For many reasons, most of the reasons cultish, to make money, get power, make sure the members gets more united against the "hostile" political world outside the organization (i.e. to make catholics as well as jews question the foundation for their cultures, in order for them to get closer to Lyn and to replace their culture/religion, with the LaRouchian version of it.)... Etc... But also for political reasons and... to RECRUIT! 

To take another example... We used to slander people and groups in extreme ways and then tried to RECRUIT people from the same layers of people. We slandered environmentalists, using LaRouches methods and lies, and then we tried to recruit them and TRANSFORM them!

So, look at Dope Inc! In 1978 - 1980 the LaRouche-organization had campaigns for a peace in the middle easy, based on greening the deserts, at the same time as the Dope Inc campaign was running. The funny thing was that Dope Inc was, among others, used to promote this "peace". (Talk about madness, to use the protocols of Sion to try to find new friends and contacts in Israel!)

You oldtimers can perhaps remember this?! Didnt you try to recruit Jews at booktables too, by talking about BOTH the Dope Inc and the Middle East peace? At least that is what I have heard quite a lot about! And the diplomatic work and the contacts with Israelis? Did you not use Dope Inc and similar publications, as well as War on Drugs magazine and The Campaigner AND the proposals for a peace????

In the same way we tried to recruit environmentalists, and transform them to some LaRouchian kind of environmentalist, pro nuclearpower and industry! 

In the early 1990s the organization in USA and Europe tried to "create peace" in the Middle East by spreading centerfolds praising the greening of the deserts that Israel had done in Negev, and selling the ADL book! I remember how we went to events in Sweden where we organized to get a peace, and TALKED WELL ABOUT ISRAEL; AND TRIED TO GET NEW ISRAELI CONTACTS amng diplomats and on conferences, by giving away the ADL-book and the centerfold on a peace in the middle east!

LaRouche might be antisemitic, as he was antirussian in the 80s and still to a degree is, and as LaRouche is anti-brittish... But he has never ever said that ALL JEWS ARE EVIL and does not believe in the blood-and-soil-theory! The same with racism. Yes, LaRouche is against jazz, but he supports negro spirituals! 
Since all that are recruited are recruited on the basis of fighting racism, nazis and of NOT being classical antisemites, and of the idea that all mankind is one, it is a disaster to even imply that it is nazi/racist or classical antisemitic, or that LYN shapes the organization in that direction. 

Ok, I know that the "fight for all mankind" or the fight against racism or against antisemitism is just as mad and wrong and crazy as the similar Moonie campaigns against racism, or the scientology campaigns for the unity of all mankind, but still... There is a difference. To say that LaRouche is nazi-like is as saying that Sun Myung Moon hates Koreans because he is racist! The last thing is actually what some has tried to say, and it did not work quite well!


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A revealing condolence!

Death is always a sad thing. When two long time members of the movement died recently, John Morris and Gary Gennazio, I became sad, I knew one of them, John, personally, from my time in Philly 1992. I stayed at his apartment for some weeks.

The circumstances around their death is not very clear. It was a traffic accident and it had to do with them running out of gas and having a broken car and being hit by a truck. This is by the way typical for the organization. The US organization earns millions of dollars a year and can only have junk cars!


While reading this condolance bý Matt Guice It all came back to me! I remember how American organizers used to call a friend in another part of the USA, to discuss something or just to talk a bit. Often they would ask if the friend, or the organizers at the other "local" had hit the quota or not (that is, had raised the required amout of money for the week or not yet), even before they asked the friend how he or she was doing.

After all... The members in the fundraisning teams were making phonecalls about eight to nine hours a day, six to seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, so  this was no small issue for them... The older field members were doing the same day by day, the same for them!

As a reminder of this quota-fixation I read how the memorial for John Morris starts out with a thing, reminding that John always tried to hit he quota. His smile, his personality, his ideas, his life is of less importance, the fact that he always tried to hit the quota, is most important!

Dear John! That is what remain as a memory of you... You wanted to hit the quota!


(Source: http://www.schillerinstitute.org/biographys/memorial/Gary_John/memoriam/condolences.html   )

"I called John Morris the day he died to ask him if he’d gotten quota for my birthday. He told me about the deployment he had made with Gary in the small Indiana town where I had once been stuck for several hours on a hitch-hiking trip during my misspent youth, and we bantered back and forth for a while about the organizing. He told me about the then current plans for deployment in Detroit in the days to come. I stressed the global importance of getting the field squads in the Chicago region up to higher standards. He ended our conversation by saying, "Well, we can work on the $500 orbit tomorrow." I wish he had been right.

      In my memory John is always smiling like that and thinking about the future in that optimistic way. Most of the time he is also striking goofy-looking poses as he stretches while organizing. He loved to organize in the field and wanted to make it work.

      He will be sorely missed."

I met Gary too in 2002. he was one of these longtime fighters for the movement.

But when reading this article about how he "demonstrated" against Henry Kissinger some years earlier, it once again strikes me how mad the organization I once was a member of is..."

Read how the demonstrators behaved against him and what arguments they used!

This was two years after Reagan was shot at. To shout and slam and scream "hands up" to a person that often received death threats is not very smart at all... The bodyguards protecting Kissinger did a great job. They could have shot Gary, but did not. Gary, was really lucky! 

Such behavior as the organization showed at this demonstration is just outrageous.

The condolance continues...

 "I have worked with Gary Gennazio many times over the years, seen  him at countless ICLC national conferences, too often at such events only nodding or speaking with him briefly, though sometimes longer. Recently, I have had the privilege of organizing with him at tables in Chicago and its suburbs in this last year, in the ongoing revival of field operations there. But Gary will always be, first and foremost in my memory, the guy who chased Henry Kissinger around the block. I am proud that I was with him when this happened.

      It was 1983, I believe, and Henry had been hauled out to appear on “Night Lies” on ABC, hired by them as an expert consultant of some kind to sabotage Lyn’s influence in the Reagan administration. I had been called while out organizing at La Guardia Airport with another member, told about a rally planned at ABC studios in mid-Manhattan, and so we cut a little early and shared a cab into town with two other members who had just flown in from Boston. The cabby who drove us in to Manhattan heard us all talking about Boston organizing, a recent trip one of us had taken to Denver to organize, another about Chicago, etc. and assumed we had each flown in from one of these different places to join up to go rally against Fat Henry here in New York City. He hated Kissinger, too, being Lebanese or something like that. He volubly regretted that he had to earn a living, or he would have joined us, too.

      When we arrived at 67th Street and Central Park West, the cabby was even more impressed, since there were already 25 or more ICLC members gathered, singing songs about Henry loudly, of which I remember most clearly, “Stranger Than The Night”, with its lyrics about “Kissinger and Cohn/exchanging hand jobs/little boys get blown/by these two fat slobs,” etc.. The noise they were raising, the crowd they were gathering, all made it appear like quite a boisterous gathering.

      When Kissinger arrived at the 67th Street entrance, the ABC security team worked with his Secret Service retinue to hustle him inside quickly, while our rally went on, un-bothered by any ABC (or other) cameras. After the segment with Ted Koppel was taped, all and sundry surrounding the studio prepared to get Henry on his way out. No doubt in order to protect their charge, however guilty he was of the crimes we were citing in song, sign, leaflet, and chant, the Secret Service had Kissinger’s limousine pull up to the entrance on Central Park West this time, not the side door on West 67th. Most of our forces moved around to respond when he made his exit.

      This was only a feint, however. I found myself standing next to Gary Gennazio, there by the 67th Street door, with only a few other organizers, when a gaudily painted Tavern On The Green panel truck pulled up, and Fat Henry, bundled under a raincoat or something, was escorted by a lone Secret Service agent to the rear door of the truck, hoisted quickly in, and the doors slammed.

      Gary saw this happen and took instant action. “Henry Kissinger, the notorious international criminal, is trying to make a getaway in this truck!” he shouted, and ran to the rear, before it could pull away, pounding on the truck’s locked door. “Come on out you little faggot murderer!” Gary cried, or words to that effect. “Come on out with your hands up! You’re wanted for genocide! Crimes against humanity!”

      The Tavern On The Green employee driving that truck must have gotten a shouted order to drive then, because he floored the gas pedal, ground gears, and took off down the street,  leaving the smell of burnt rubber in his wake. This noisy and sudden departure and Gary’s continued cries attracted the attention of our colleagues around the corner on Central Park West, who began to run towards us. Gary ran screaming loudly after the truck, and I followed his lead, however hopeless the task looked. After only a few paces, though, our luck seemed to improve. The traffic light on Columbus Avenue changed to yellow as the truck approached it, and the driver, obviously respecting laws far more than his passengers, slowed to a stop. This gave Gary time to catch up, with me not far behind. He banged his fist on the side of the truck as soon as he reached it, shouting, “Come on out, Kissinger! You can’t hide from justice, you child molesting monster!” Pointing dramatically at the truck, Gary stepped back and shouted out to a cabby nearby, who was waiting on West 67th for a fare, “Henry Kissinger, the international criminal, the butcher of Beirut, mass murderer of Biafra and Bangla Desh, is hiding in this truck!”

      “Henry Kissinger? THE Henry Kissinger?” asked the cabby.

      I assured him it was true, while Gary called out to two more cabbies on the other corner. The first taxi driver looked like he might be Pakistani, so I added, “Kissinger has Ali Bhutto’s blood on his hands, you know!” On hearing this, he grabbed his radio microphone from the interior, chattered something into it excitedly, and slammed the door. Gary was pounding on the truck again, shouting, “Come on out, you sick murderous hit man for the British Empire! Your days of quietly driving off and escaping justice are over!”

      The light changed, but instead of going straight, the driver turned the corner, intending to make a box and return to Central Park, where he came from, I guess.  Now, this is where Columbus Avenue meets Broadway, so there was another light only a few feet down, and it was red already. The driver dutifully stopped. I am certain that  Henry was cursing Gary as he lay cowering in the rear of that panel truck, and we were close enough to hear the Secret Service man’s agitated voice raised to high volume through the metal door. We were joined by the Pakistani cabby, who had deserted his cab, shouting something about Kissinger being a murderer while Gary beat a fine rhythm on the walls of the truck. The light changed, and again the driver turned left, onto West 66th Street, this time, with Gary giving hot chase, pounding on the truck as long as he could, shouting out indictment charges against Henry Kissinger, leading myself and now also the cabby, and alerting a handful of passing New York City spectators, one of whom began to cheer us on, “Go get him!” Halfway down the block, which was a longer one this time, I began to run out of steam, while the Paki taxi driver faded away completely, as the truck seemed to be getting too far away.

      This didn’t stop Gary, who plunged on at full throttle, shouting as he ran. He caught the truck at the next corner, just before the red light it had stopped there for turned to green. I watched as Gary pounded away on it, calling on Henry to surrender and come out with his hands up, then chase the truck around the corner and into Central Park at the Tavern On The Green back parking lot.

      I caught up to him just as the Limousine, now holding Kissinger, who had switched cars in the lot, tried to run down Gary. He had stood in its path, shouting imprecations, and banged its hood as it swerved at the last moment, giving him just barely enough room to jump away. Without more than a moment to catch his breath, Gary was off again, this time to call a police officer over.

      “I want to report an attempted vehicular murder,” he said to the officer who responded.

      “Who was the intended victim?” asked the cop.

      “Me,” said Gary. “I have the plate number of the car in question. An international dope pusher, murderer, and gangster tried to have his driver run me over with his limousine.”

      The cop looked askance at this, but asked, “Who would that be?”

      “Henry Kissinger,” said Gary, without missing a beat. And without taking any guff for it, Gary went to the Police Precinct Headquarters to file a complaint against Henry Kissinger for attempted vehicular homicide. THAT was Gary Gennazio.

by Matt Guice