Thursday, March 26, 2009

LaRouche and the revisionist Liberty Lobby

The "Brave New World" of Lyndon LaRouche is filled with paradoxes... Filled with double standards!

Lets take Liberty Lobby, Spotlight and Willis Carto as an example! It is now quite well established that Lyndon LaRouche and the holocaust deniers around WIllis carto and the now defuncted Spotlight newspaper, had exstensive contacts from mid 1970s and onwards!

When I was a member of the organization this was known, but almost not discussed at all. If discussed it was explained as "just another person Lyndon LaRouche happened to meet". Understandable, because the network of Carto are not really some nice guys! They are one of the the worlds largest producer of neo nazi literature, including literature that denies that the holocaust occured!

Now when I look back on it I can see the double standard in this. When I was in the USA the contacts that belonged to the Liberty Lobby (or read, or had read, Spotlight) were always described by the members as being the most "blocked" members of all, that were "racist" and could not understand the ideas of LaRouche fully. 

But still... The members, the leaders of the organization and Lyndon LaRouche all were silent.  No major attacks against the network of Carto was initiated by laRouche. And you should keep in mind that LaRouche normally attacked just about anything that was considered "a blocking", an impediment that prevented the contacts and friends of the organization to contribute with their money and time to it... But the Liberty Lobby and Carto... No! As far as I can remember, NOTHING! (And there is nothing on the web either that implies that Lyndon has ever has attacked or distanced himself IN PUBLIC from them!)

The question should be asked what kind of human being could cooperate with a monster like Carto, as Lyndon laRouche has done? And why has Lyndon been so silent about this network in public, and not distanced himself, since the "talk" among the members were that these networks was soooo "blocked"? 

Or could it be that the cooperation and mutual admiration between Carto (and perhaps the european C.O.D.E. revisionists) and LaRouche still exists, even today? 

It stinks... It is the smell of LaRouchian double standards, and totalitarianism, that stinks!


PS... Which reminds me that EAP in Sweden too has had its dubious friends. Ok, the nazi Sven Arne Lundehäll never became a real contact of the organization, but why did Kerstin go to Bohuslän just to meet with this madman, whom all knew was a nazi? Why have a contact meeting with a madman?And Juri Lina? Ok, today Juri Lina and EAP has very limited contact, if any at all, but the contact with this Estonian-Swedish holocaust denier was more intense during the 80s when the LaRouchemovement was bashing russians!

You know an organization, as well as a person, by the friends it has!

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