Monday, March 9, 2009

What the White Rose wrote on LaRouche!

The first leaflet of the German resistancemovement during WW2, The White Rose, gives some more clues to the personality of Lyndon LaRouche. It can be found here:

I'll give you the quote about Lycurgus here, just replace the concept of a state with the organization, and ask yourselves whether a cult in which members decade after decade works seven or six ad a half days a week, twelve hours a day, is Lycurgian or not?


"From Friedrich Schiller’s The Lawgiving of Lycurgus and Solon: 

".....Viewed in relation to its purposes, the law code of Lycurgus is a masterpiece of political science and knowledge of human nature. He desired a powerful, unassailable start, firmly established on its own principles. Political effectiveness and permanence were the goal toward which he strove, and he attained this goal to the full extent possible under possible under the circumstances. But if one compares the purpose Lycurgus had in view with the purposes of mankind, then a deep abhorrence takes the place of the approbation which we felt at first glance. Anything may be sacrificed to the good of the state except that end for which the State serves as a means. The state is never an end in itself; it is important only as a condition under which the purpose of mankind can be attained, and this purpose is none other than the development of all man’s power, his progress and improvement. If a state prevents the development of the capacities which reside in man, if it interferes with the progress of the human spirit, then it is reprehensible and injurious, no matter how excellently devised, how perfect in its own way. Its very permanence in that case amounts more to a reproach than to a basis for fame; it be comes a prolonged evil, and the longer it endures, the more harmful it is. "

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