Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Double standards - the typical LaRouchian "method"

"But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."
/The Bible

J'Accuse! I accuse Lyndon LaRouche of Double Standards! I accuse him of being a typical totalitarian that says one thing and does another. I accuse him of willfully lying to his associates by acting opposite to many of his own teachings! many things he says might sound great, but in reality what he says is not what he does!

Put your hand to your heart and ask yourself if the LaRouchian grimaces does not reveal the true nature of who he is!


* Laborintensive work. 
Lyndon LaRouche claims to be against Laborintensive work. But look at his organization. The members in USA worked politically for him, almost for free, for seven days a week, for some years eight years ago. Since then they have worked six and a half days a week. Often more than twelve hours a day!

* No hypothesis/ Absolute truth
LaRouche claims to have HYPOTHESIS as the foundation for his method. But look at his speeches and articles. have you ever found one single hypothesis here? No! The speeches are all written as if he has the absolute truth. The articles are always written as if LaRouche has the absoulte truth. Things "are"... It "is"... Etc...

* No dialogue
He claims to be for a "dialogue of civilization". But to be for such a dialogue one has to respect the opinion of the others. LaRouche only wants to have a "dialogue" with those that agree with him. That is no dialogue, that is called MONOLOGUE!

* No democracy (Censorship)
LaRouche claims to be Democrat. But he surely is not democratic. He believes "brittish-style" democracy is hedonistic and immoral. Democracy is like "Vox populi" of Rome. people are unfit to participate in the rule. That is why he believs that it is right to restrict the freedom of speech, and voting rights of some groups. (  ) LaRouche runs his organization in a very undemocratic way. he is the dictator of the movement, and he does not allow any opposition or discussion about ideas that are opposing his. He recreates his own version of what the past was so that it fits his version of history.

* In constant war
LaRouchian rhethoric about it being "in war" is the best proof that it is fascist. Look at this link for more information:

* Research blunder
He claims to be the leading expert on just about everything. But he has the same problems as kings used to have before. If you only have "yes-men" around himself, that agrees and never opposes you, then your information tends to be very wrong and you tend to be wrong in much.

* Leading economist/ Forecast vs prediction
This leading economist has predicted the end of the world since the end of the 60s. If one constantly says that the financial system is doomed, then it is no surprise that once in a while one says that just before a crisis occurs.

* No opposition 
Self evident. No opposition. How can that be creative or democratic. Look at how he expells those with different ideas in the organization.

* Agape but also yelling at organizers!
His view of Agape can best be seen at how he treats his own friends. Look at how he treated Anno, Uwe, Gabriele and the old European leadership when they did agree on his economic policies (among others). They are declared to be paid agents, traitors and scums! His version of agape can also be seen in his method of namecalling.

* name calling
LaRouche calls his opponents just about every bad name he can figure out. Exactly as he called Obama a monkey! Disgusting? Yes! Agape? Hardly! Just look here: http://http//

* Authoritarian, follow the leader, do as the leader (leaders)
If you still believe in the LaRouchian version of how his organization was "corrupted" in the 80s and 90s ane early 2000:s. Ask yourself how that happened and why no one stood up and protested. The answer is that Lyn had learned everyone to obey him without questioning him! No wonder everyone did the same when he was in prison. (I do not believe now that the LaRouchian version of what happened is true, and I know that many protested. But the member that is still in the organization should think about this that I wrote above... It is a socratic paradox!)

* Dualism/manichean thinking
LaRouche claims to be opposing dualism. What is his divisoon of the world into good and evil then? Dualism off course!

* Pro and anti abortions, pro and anti kids
LaRouche claims to be against forced abortions, and to like kids. But why was he promoting forced abortion for members in the 70s and 80s then? And why are he and Helga so negative when members want to get kids?.

* Kant, kantian, duty
The laRouchian movement is kantian. DUTY!

* LaRouche claims to be like Christ. The would-be-Christ, LaRouche, commissioned a pamphle tin 1989  comparing his trial to the trials of Socrates and Christ (The third trial of Socrates)


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