Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the Duggan-campaign: why alienate potential allies by untruths?

My comment on the upcoming Jeremiah Duggan conference in Wiesbaden:

I have read the new dossier on LaRouche and antisemitism on the Justice for Duggan page.

As an ex member, one that was around at the conference in 2003 and spoke to Duggan, and as a person that do NOT want the LaRouchemovement to gain more influence worldwide, I am sad. That dossier will BEYOND DOUBT help the LaRouchemovement to recruit more members. It will also help the movement to keep the youngsters that were around at the conference in 2003 to stay in the organization. And it will not lead to anyone finding out anything about the death of Duggan!

I am disgusted and disappointed!

When I left the organization in 2003/2004 I said no to the methods that are similar to LaRouches, in whatever form, and wont accept to participate in anything that will lead to more power and influence for LaRouche!

Please go ahead with the Wiesbaden conference you plan, if you wish that the LaRouchemovement expands and that more youth is recruited to the movement!


(Not brainwashed, just disappointed!)


Since anyone easily for himself can find out that the movement recruits jews, and coloured people, and has lots of LEADERS that are coloured or jews, works "to save Africa" and talks well about Israel and jews too, and since it DOES NOT say that the oligarchs are jewish, the LYM and the LaRouchiemovement can easily show that the LaRouche=nazi argument is ABSURD. Thus, any campaign based on the LaRouche=nazi or LaRouche= as an analogy nazi will fail! It even helps the LYM to recruit, AS A MATTER OF FACT!

And I do not claim that the work the movement does to "save africa" and its policy to promote the so called platonic/republican tradition of jewish culture, or ANY culture, is good. It is not. It is a part of a very vile, fascist cult rhethoric. BUT IN ORDER TO FIGHT THIS VERY SPECIFIC CULT IT IS IMPORTANT TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN FASCISM AS SUCH AND THE NAZIVERSION OF FASCISM. The movement is not nazis, and its rhethoric focuses much on "the rights of all people, independent of culture, creed or race". 

And yes, I feel disust when I see LaRouchian bashing of whatever he views oligarchical. I feel disgust when viewing his falsification of history! I feel disgust when viewing his namecalling and vile lies!! I feel disgust of his method in dividing EVERY culture (including jewish, german and english and swedish) into a dualistic "good" and "bad" side!

When I look back at the conference in 2003 it is that which makes me disgusted. A LYM conference is not skinhead- nazi -jewbashing thing. The conference in 2003 where no skinhead meeting or meeting with people making Hitlersalutes and bashing jews as subhuman. ANYONE THAT CLAIMS THAT LAROUCHEMOVEMENT MEETINGS DOES THESE, OR SIMILAR THINGS, IS A LIAR or ignorant, and helps the LYM to recruit!

The very persons that could help the family to find out what happend with Duggan are alienated and stay away from them. The very people that could help exposing LaRouche as a fraud, are alienated and stay away from the campaign against LaRouche!

I am not blaming the mother for it. I blame the advisors and so called experts, someone should have told the mother that the organization is not nazi and that every use of the nazi namecalling WILL BACKFIRE!


  1. European, why don't you face it, you're over your head. You are caught in the middle of disputes that will determine the future course of civilization. The people organizing the "Duggan Conference" don't give a damn whether what they say about LaRouche is a lie. They are working for people who want to defeat LaRouche, and believe that only sheer terror is their necessary weapon, not any truth or even anything real. Get over it. You remind me of you actually think that the long-term opponents of LaRouche want a "fair fight." Get real.

  2. Howie! I dont care any more, whether this or whether that! I just speak the truth. MY TRUTH, as I know it! LaRouche is not the only person on this planet that uses double standards, namecalling methods, and that tells untruths! Unfortunately some of his opponents uses similar methods.

  3. Have you thought of doing something useful, instead of bellyaching that you worked hard for a few years for something you now do not believe in? Sorry, even large firms are eliminating their pension plan as part of the economic collapse, so IBM could have done the same thing to you. LaRouche was right!

  4. If you say for fifty years that the economy will collapse, and there is a real downturn now, it is no wonder that he seems to have been right... If the economy grows again, and the "depression" is avoided, he will say that the economy will collapse "very soon" again, and every member will "forget" that he said the same some years back!

  5. Enslaving 95-percent of the population to pay a fraudulent debt, can never be consider "a recovery" no matter if the stock markets, the oil price and the political fraud market goes up again.