Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweden (part one)

My former friends in Sweden must be quite disappointed, when reading this blog. I can just imagine what they say and what Leesburg tells them to say.

I have no hard feelings. I was naive, we were naive!

When M was around

Unfortunately for the young members still around there is no new M. Er. around. 

M was chairman of EAP (the LaRoucheparty in Sweden) and had a wonderful free mind. He dropped out in 2002, but way before that he had realized that something was wrong with the organization and he had no fears, and told all members, including leaders, what was wrong. He used to warn about LaRouches repeated "forecasts" that the financial system will break down for good before this and this date", that it was a crazy method. He used to say that the laborintensive methods of the US organization was wrong. He often pointed out things Lyn was wrong in and tried to correct Lyn, like in the case of the first LaRouchian 9/11 interview in which LaRouche had some strange ideas about how a GPS works, a small detail, but still!

And most important. He did not live in a fantasy world. When most leaders accepted the new dogma about the so called Catholic Fundamentalists in the organization, in the end of the 90s, and started to attack Fernandos Quijano, M just simply told us members in Stockholmhow LaRouche himself had appointed Fernandos to his posts in the organizaton and allowed some financial scams, and other things, to occur!

Everytime a young person went to USA, something most new young recruits would want to do, he warned the organization that they would return demoralized and drop out, which they most of the time did. This was before the LYM (Youthmovement) so the youngsters deployed with the older members while in the USA. And LaRouche had not told Larry Freeman in Baltimore to calm down his shouting sessions yet. We lost quite a number of new recruits in Sweden due to Larry!

M. Er. was accused by the LaRouchies and some ICLC leaders to be cynical and not loyal.  He was often isolated, and in the end, when the organization in Sweden started to work more according to the international rules of the organization, he had enough, and left.

And guess what! The work he has done to build up a school for classical music (a work he started as a member, and was critizised by Helga for) is GREAT! He has done more for the Classical music in Europe than ever the whole organization in Europe has done, I would say!

M. learned me a lot and our daily dialogues kept me sane! Thanks M!

Double standards

Around 2003-2003 the international organization started a work to "straighten up" the Swedish organization. There were young members in Sweden that could form a LYM, and the phoneteam needed to work according to more "efficient" fundraising methods.

Before that Sweden was quite isolated. I remember how I once (around 2001) calculated that the Swedish local had received as many international visitors in ten years as the danish local had received in one year!

Sweden was seen as a madhouse. And from a LaRouchian standpoint it was quite mad. Members like M, S. Br. and Hussein got children. We all had to work in real works, outside the organization, the organizing could not support us, and M Er. and other members like T. Fr and K. Lu were accused internationally of being not so loyal, because they frequently did not agree with views of LaRouche and the organization.

When the work with LYM started this all changed and I guess the organization today is considered being more "loyal" to LaRouche, since it is S. Br and Hussein that is running it. Ok, they have children (that must be seen as kind of weird still!), but nevertheless!

The organization is, and was, an organization of double standards.

There was much talk about love and about Schiller and beautiful souls. But still, this was the organization that had run vicious hatecampaigns against Palme. And I insist it was hate! Just look at the old copies of Ny Solidaritet and look at all the so called jokes about "Fuluf Dolme", and everything!

It was double standards! And Lyn in USA, with his namecalling, created the method of double standards!

No, the Swedish organization was absoultely not capable of killing anything. That is also why the Swedish Police is not interested in it anymore. They dont believe that EAP was behind the murder of Palme, and I agree totally.

But dear members in Sweden... Ask Ulf what he Å. Na and A. Sa, did in the apartment of Ulf the evening AFTER Palme was assassinated. They opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated the "death of the tyrant"! (At least that is what Å and A talked about in my presence twice many years after. Ok, they regreted, eight years later, that they did so, for obvious reasons, the murder of Palme was very soon seen as an attack against EAP and LaRouche, which was gaining influence in the USA at the time, it was claimed, but still!)


And it is no excuse that many bottles of champagne were opened in Sweden that weekend, Palme was disliked and had many that hated him! SUCH BEHAVIOUR IS JUST UNACCEPTABLE!

That is why we younger members that joined in the 90s never liked the old campaign against Palme. All of us, R. Ze, me and M. No have now dropped out and all those we almost recruitedlike R. Su and others were scared away. WE FINALLY REALIZED THAT THE METHODS OF THE MOVEMENT TODAY, OF NAMECALLING AND HATE, ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE METHODS OF NAMECALLING AND HATE AGAINST FOR EXAMPLE PALME, that we disliked, AND WE BECAME TIRED OF IT!

But we were naive and did not really protest against it at the time! Unfortunately...



  1. What do you know about Alf Enerström. The doctor that some say killed Palme and that invested millions in EAP?

    I read is that he is in prison.

  2. Alf always puzzled me. He was the typical bully of that kind that beats his wifes!

    He gave over a million to the organization and would run in and out of the office presenting his view that everything important that happened in Sweden happened due to him. This was one of the weaknesses of the former leader M, that he wanted to cooperate with Alf.

    Alf claimed to have some real contacts, though. He got money from somewhere, that is for sure. But to sort out what was his fantasies and what was true is nothing I dare to do!

  3. PS

    By this I mean what Alf did in the 90s. In the 80s he had many contacts in networks that were against Palme!

  4. More on Enerström, from a posting on Factnet:

    He was a "contact" and political ally of the movement in Sweden.

    Alf Enerström was big in the 70s and 80s when he ran the so called "Socialdemocratic opposition" that was campaigning against Olof Palme. If he was nuts then, I dont know. He was quite big and built a network which included some quite rich people. He sponsored the Swedish organization with about 100000 - 200000 dollar, all in all. That funds was used by the EAP for campaigns for nuclear power and such.

    In the 90s, when I knew him, he was just nuts. A conspiratorical person, that kind of person that would want to be the center of the world in just about everything. A typical male chauvinist "wifebeater" type.

    In the end of the 90s the movement in Sweden cut off all contact with him.

    He ended his political career some years ago when the police came in to get him, after some financial fraud I believe. With nothing more on than a pot on his head and a dirty t-shirt he half-naked threathened the police with a soft airgun, and was arrested!

    Halfnaked, with nothing more on than a used pot from the kitchen on his head and a t-shirt, the ex. ally of EAP in Sweden took farewell of Swedish history and ended up in jail!