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This is a place for my thoughts and my research...

I am a person that always have believed in the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. A person that loves the written language!

This blog is the place were I will write down my reflections about my years in the movement created and led by Lyndon LaRouche.  I will write down my experiences of the LaRouchian worldview in order to help the youngsters of today and tomorrow to expose LaRouche as the cultleader and Lycurgian, fascist, politician he is.

I dropped out after realizing that LaRouche uses double standards. he says one thing and does another. I joined the organization once because I hated to see this kind of double standard in normal politics in Sweden and Europe (where I live) and I dropped out of the LaRouchemovement because I saw the same in LaRouche!

I will write more about this in the coming weeks...

Let me finish by saying that I do not believe that LaRouche and the movement is simply some kind of racist neonazi-movement, that some people say. LaRouche, and the movement, is more complex than that.

I wrote this some time ago in one of my first posts on factnet:

"1) Lyn is for a dialogue, especially a dialogue of civilization, these days. Right! Lyn also claims to base his method on HYPOTHESIS! Right! He is against absolute truths...

So... In his speeches he ALWAYS presents things as ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, something he formally is opposing. There are no or very few traces of any hypothesis in his political speeches, everything is formed as absolute truths! This is contrary to his stated method. 

Which off course also means that there will be no dialogue, since Lyn only accepts a "dialogue" with people that has the same worldview as he himself!

2) Lyn PERSONALLY ordered the boomers to work 7 days a week, some years ago. I think they still in the USA work 6,5 days a week on the sales teams. Study history and you will find that this is primitive accumulation, labourintensive work, by the way the same method as the slave owners, the brittish and tha nazis had, that Lyn speaks so much that he dislikes. No competent general would ever let its troops work 7 or 6,5 days a week year after year!

How would a nation run by Lyn be? Look at how he runs his "nation" today, i.e. the movement!

What is Lyn? Cultleader, TOTALITARIAN, fanatic, with traces of fascism and a conservative authoritharian worldview (obey the leader), a leader that claims that his method is one and then in his speeches does something else. A proponent of LABOURINTENSIVE work (slavelabour), a proponent of a strictly authoritharian dictatorially run organizations (obey the leader)."

That is what I mean!



To end this first post, lets hear what Schiller has to say!

"In respect of the purpose set for it, Lycurgus's legislation is a masterpiece, of statecraft and human-craft. He wanted a powerful state, founded upon itself, and indestructible; political strength and longevity were the aims for which he strove, and he achieved these aims, to the extent possible under the conditions he confronted. But if one compares the aims Lycurgus set himself with the aims of mankind, then profound disapproval must take the place of the admiration, which our first fleeting glance enticed from us. Everything may be sacrificed for the best of the state, but not that, which serves the state itself only as an instrument. The state itself is never the purpose, it is important only as the condition under which the purpose of mankind may be fulfilled, and this purpose of mankind is none other than the development of all the powers of people, i.e., progress. If the constitution of a state hinders the progress of the mind, it is contemptible and harmful, however well thought-out it may otherwise be, and however accomplished a work of its kind. Its longevity then serves the more to reproach it than to celebrate its glory—it is then merely a prolonged evil; the longer it exists, the more harmful it is."

Or as Schiller would have written about LaRouche:

"Lycurgus's plan also entailed, that attachment to property was supplanted by attachment to the Lyndon LaRouche, and that emotions, undiverted by any private concerns, only lived for organizing. Thus, he thought it good and necessary, to also spare his fellow citizens the business of normal life ..., so that not even concerns of work, nor the joy of domestic matters, would divert their attentions from the affairs of Lyndon LaRouche."

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  1. Att många EAP-"ledare" var hycklande besserwisser´s konstaterade jag och P i Göteborg lååååångt innan du gjorde det.

    En sekt, helt enkelt.

    Hälsningar från PP.