Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lyndon LaRouche and "peace through hate" in the Middle East!

In the end of 1978 Lyndon LaRouche published The Dope Inc, where he uses the antisemitic protocols of the Elders of Sion. He also published "Sionism is not judaism" as well as other things with a very strange, some say antisemitic, content: 

I would agree if it was not so that I know that LaRouche would say just anything evil about just about anybody, so I dont view it as antisemitic, I think it is WORSE than antisemitic!

In the beginning of 1978 he published "A machiavellian solution for Israel", and putting forward his solutions for a peace based on development of the water resources of the area. It was followed by "The Grand Design for World Development: The Nuplex and U.S. Vital Interests," Fusion, August 1978. In 1980 several proposals was put forward. like this one: U.S. Middle East Policy.  

During my time in the movement I often looked at at old issues of the EIR and New Solidarity. I remember that I saw articles that both promoted the Dope Inc of 1978 and that tried to get Israel to accept the LaRouchian proposals for a peace based on "economic development". LaRouche was actually so mad that he tried to organize a peace in the Middle East, and tried to get a dialogue with the israelis, by using, among others, the Dope Inc with its rantings about the antisemitic Protocols of the Elders of Sion! (sic!) No wonder that the LaRouchian attempts to "create a peace" has failed so far!

Everyone that seriously wants peace in the Middle East should study the origins of the LaRouchian peace proposals, before they endorse his view on it!  


PS. It should be admitted that LaRouche in using the protocol in Dope Inc slanders both the Catholics and the jews. In the same chapter he compares two forgeries, The Protocols of The Elders of Sion and alleged oaths of the Knights of Colombus in Mexico. ( [url][/url] ) He slanders sionists, jesuits, Knights of Colombus and Knights of St John in the same attempt to prove that an "oligarchy" of jews and catholics and others, are behind the drug trade

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