Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A strange god indeed...

Has ever Lyndon LaRouche admitted to be wrong in anything? Is it even possible that a man is right about everything? Is he God?

The fact is that I was a member in the LaRouchemovement for 15 years and never ever heard him once say that he was wrong. And the case is that I very seldom heard the other members that were working fulltime for LaRouche say such things either. And if anyone did it would strike other members with horror... This especially was the case in the USA, where basicly all alarmbells would ring if anyone dared to utter the unthinkable, that LaRouche once could be wrong about something.

A strange god indeed!

This post at the Dennis King site is a good description of how it is to work for this strange "god":



  1. How much are the friends of Smith Richardson and Mellon Scaife paying you? How does it feel to be a five-and-dime store version of Rush Limbaugh?

  2. Nothing! I have created this webbpage on my own, because I have something to say about my time in a movement filled with double standards!

    I personally disagree much with what King says, I dont view the organization I once was a member of as racist for example, but many things he writes about are worth listening to!

    Like why LaRouche has never been wrong... Is he God?

    And why no opposition to Lyn is allowed...

    Why do you think LaRouche has never admitted to be wrong i anything!


  3. King's book is full of inaccuracies and outright lies. If you were in the LC so long why don't you just say that?

  4. I understand what you say. I read a lot of books and articles by different people in 1989 before I joined as a fulltimer. Among those books were Kings book. I read the accusations that LaRouche is a nazi and that the organization therefore is nazi and racist.

    It is not off course!

    I disagree with King here.

    But that does not justify the fascist and cult-methods of LaRouche. Methods of namecalling, laborintensive work, and egostripping that are horrifying!

    And above all: the DOUBLE STANDARDS of Lyn!

    I would recommend you to use some things LaRouche talks about some times against him. Like the "scientific method"... You know.. If you look at a system of thought (axiomatic system) and you see that some evidence does not really fit into that system one can use that/those things that does not fit in to tear down the old and build a new...


    Look at Lyn and pick that which does not fit in...

    * Seven days workweek. Do the boomers still sork seven/six and a half days a week in tha us? If so, study economics and find out why industrialists earned more from the five days workweek than the six days workweek. Study what carey has to say about brittish laborintensive work. (Ok, if you think we are in a war, ask yourself what commander that would let his troops fight 24/7 for 30 years?!)

    *One of the things that made me think was that LaRouche bases his method on hypothesis but never, ever presents a hypothesis in his speeches. Right!? Can you find them? It is all presented as absoulte truth! How does this fit with LaRouchian thinking on hypothesis and that absolute truth does not exist.

    * And above all: Has laRouche ever admitted to be wrong in anything???