Friday, March 20, 2009

The LaRouchian Armageddon-cult!

The LaRouchemovement can best be described as a mixture of three things. 1) Fascism. 2) Communist and Socialist organizing methods of the late 60s. 3) Religious elements of a Messiah-cult or harmageddon-cult. In this short blogpost I will look closer at number three.

The third trial of Socrates, is the name of a pamphlet published in the end of the 80s. It is about the trials against LaRouche. The name of the pamphlet is interesting. The first trial was the one against Socrates. The third against LaRouche. 

The second trial, then? Christ, off course! 

That Lyn is seen as a kind of Christ by many organizers, and probably by himself too, is one thing.  This might be disputed though. But what cannot be disproved is that LaRouche has created a special method, similar to the method of harmageddon-cults (Harmageddon-cult = Religious cults that recruit members by saying that the "final days" are near and that one therefore has to follow the dictates of the religious leaders in order to be saved.).

The movement is in war, according to its rhethoric. As in a war, the "civilization" is doomed if the members dont "fight" good enough, thus the "evil" forces will conquer and defeat the "good" once...

Lyndon LaRouche is the last hope for civilization. Either you do as he demands that you do or civilization is doomed! The "final days are near", as the normal religious cult would say.

In the LaRouchian rhethoric there is ALWAYS a sense of IMMEDIATE URGENCY. There is a constant risk for a thermonuclear war (Hilex!), a World War 3, a global and FINAL financial collapse, or whatsoever, and only by using LaRouchian method can the civilization be saved.

Look at this webcast from 2008 as an example: LAROUCHE WEBCAST: GREATEST CRISIS IN MODERN HISTORY - The Last Chance For Civilization?

Lets quote LaRouche:" What we're involved in today, is a general breakdown crisis of the world financial-monetary system. There is no possible rescue of this system, as such: that is, the present, international monetary system can not be rescued. If you try to rescue it, you will lose the planet. You have to choose: Replace the system, or get a new planet. Those are your choices, essentially. I think that any sane person would say, "Keep the planet." Mars is not particularly hospitable these years; I understand it's rather cold there, at present."


"There is no question whether this system is coming down or not! It is coming down, now! And without the kind of radical changes that I indicate, this system is coming down this year! This year and the coming year. It's coming down: It's gone! There's nowhere else to run to! You want to live in Hell? Stay where you are. No need to change, no need to travel: Just stay where you are, it'll come to you.

But, the point is: Are you willing to take the risk of changing? Are you willing to fight the war that has to be fought, rather than some war you would rather fight?"

In the Campaigner Nov-Dec 1974 LaRouche wrote in a similar fascion:

"The world is now being pushed toward a new form of organization modelled ultimately on the most hideous features of the Nazi Third Reich. If the Rockefeller-headed supranational agencies succeed in realizing their stated tactical goals for the Winter of 1974-75 and later months of 1975, a majority of the human race will be deprived immediately of all basis for hope of a civilized personal life as most of us understand that term. The probable included consequence of the Rockefellers' projected "new world order" is thermonuclear holocaust no later than the early 1980s. If, improbably, such war is avoided, the 1990 situation of humanity still would not be much better than if the worst kind of thermonuclear holocaust had occurred."

Aug 26 and Aug 4 1983 LaRouche wrote about Andropov and Soviet politics:

"When you rejected even exploratory negotiations offered by President Ronald Reagan, on the basis of the new U.S. strategic doctrine publicized on March 23, 1983, you consciously chose thermonuclear war to occur sometime during the several years immediately ahead. [...] YOU CHOSE THERMONUCLEAR WAR, AND ACCELERATED THE POSSIBILITY OF ITS EARLY OCCURENCE. You helped to push Henry A. Kissinger back into government which would not have occurred if you has responded to the President's proposal with at least exploratory nogotiations. With Kissinger and what he represents in power in Washington, thermonuclear World War III is almost guaranteed for the period ahead." 


"We are approximately at 1938 relative to the preconditions for World War III and for the general destruction of the Middle East -- Israel included." 

I can go on with eamples forever! As a matter of fact, the organizing method by LaRouche has been to say that the world is on the brink of destruction, IF LAROUCHE OR LAROUCHIAN POLITICIANS DONT GET THE POWER OVER THE WORLD. By creating this alarming, warlike, sense of urgency among the followers he is able to get them to work hard and not question his methods or ideas.

The LYM and the LaRouchemovement just another harmageddon cult, and LaRouche just another Elmer Gantry,with double standards and everything!



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  1. I am from germany. I met them in denmark some years since when thay claimed that SDI should save the world from kcommunists and sovietunion. Nuclear weapons and lasers as something good and peacefukl, I can remember! I met them later in Hannover and Hamburg. Now i find that they say the worldtrade center bombs were something that Bush did,

    What do you say?

  2. The SDI was justified by the movement as a way to end the cold war. By doing that there was no need to demilitarize ("giving up the west to the Soviets") while the treath of nuclear war would go away.

    That the SDI probably would lead to the emergance of new weapons of mass desctruction and a new arms race, is another story. That was nothing LaRouche thought of.