Friday, March 20, 2009

What I regret and what I dont regret... (Sweden part 2)

One person I knew once, and who believed that the LaRouchemovement was a cult, once said to me that the difference between being in a cult or not, is if you are able to point out what the good sides are with the movement and its leaders, as well as the bad sides. If you cant find anything bad, because you dont see anything bad, or because you have learned not to respond when you are "under attack", i.e. are critizised, then it is no good sign!

I remember that I answered, "but this means that many "normal" political and religious movements are somewhat like cults too. I mean, there are MANY Socialdemocrats that are thaght not to fins anything negative in Socialdemocracy, and many Catholics feel the same about Catholicism. My friend answered: "exactly, correct!"

He continued: "The movement you belong to is a cult, or at least it is CULTLIKE, not a buch of evil murderers or nazis, I agree with you on that, thus I can give you many examples of good things the movement does, even if I dont agree with it. Can you point out some good things among your opponents", he asked. I am a Socialdemocrat and can give many examples of what I believe is idiotic, double standards, crap, wrong, etc, in the party I work for, can you take a discussion about your movement in a similar way? Can you have a discussion about LaRouche in a similar way?

At the moment, I could not answer. I had teached myself not to talk about all the negative things about Lyndon LaRouche and the movement, more than internally, and preferably not even then, and I was horrified when I discovered the self-censorship that was going on inside me!


The Swedish movement; EAP, at the time I belonged to it (88-03/04) was a bit protected from much of the madness in the LaRouchemovement globally. One part of the reason for this is that M kept insisting that LaRouches all problems should be discussed, at least internally, and that we did not have to do everything the way the global organization did it. Almost all of us had regular work, many had children, many disagreed with Lyndon LaRouche, we went to holidays, we were running local campaigns around "Swedish issues". The result of this is that we never really became a full fledged cult here in Sweden. We became cultlike, I would say, which is a bit different!

Off course, the liberal view of the Swedes led to us being isolated and ridiculed by large parts of the organization and its leadership. Especially M were critizised as being the "cynical, atheistic Swede"... Today some of these ex leaders have left the organization, and they know who was right and who was wrong. But I dont blaim them. We were all naive, and I did stupid things too. I, too, critizised M for being not as "faithful to LaRouche" as he "should" be!

That was the environment in which I worked politically!

What I bring with me in life

Enough said about that at the moment. What do I bring with me in life?

* The intelligence work and the intellectual work were both good and bad. Bad because it followed the LaRouchian method of rage and hatred (disguised as Agape and love). Good because I learned much about the world and politics.

* I joined the movement because I disliked colonialism, racism, nazi-ideology, antisemitism and such, and these are still the most important political issues for me. And many things I did am I still glad I did. I did some work on exposing the eugenic movement in Sweden before WW2, and showed what these eugenic experts and racists were doing after WW2. That work I am proud of. I learned much from it and wrote some articles in the EIR about it. In this context, the work to expose the "ethic philosopher" Peter Singer has had its effects globally and was fruitful. I work with disabled people, and can comfirm the effects of this work, to expose some frauds in his thinking.

I still believe that it is a disaster that poverty and underdevelopment still can exist on this planet. I agree with Maryin Luther King that once said that the poverty of today once in the future will be viewed as just as barbarian and primitive as we today view slavery and cannibalism!

* There is a buch of smaller issues that we worked with that created some good result. Like the nuclear power campaign.

What I reject!


I have rejected the method I used. The LaRouchian methods of namecalling, no democracy, no dialogue, no opposition or no different ideas than Lyndons in the organization, laborintensive work, exaggerations, "armageddon-talk" that the civilization is doomed without the movement, I abhorr today. It is disgusting, and I hereby ask for the forgivness of anyone I have hurt while using these fascist namecalling methods!

I also reject the cult-like, dualistic, division of the world into "good" and "bad" forces. I reject the "national ideology" projects, and science and culture-projects, in which the organization looked at EVERY national culture, and every art and science, and divided it into good and evil. I reject the vile, fascistlike, slanders LaRouche and the movement has spread about everything it regarded (and regards) as evil! And... I reject the LaRouchian method of appoving everything which is "LaRouchian" (platonic, republican, Leibnizian, etc) in cultures and rejecting that which is un-LaRouchian. 

As I have written elsewhere, it is understandable that some might call these aspects racist, or even nationalsocialist, so brutal are the methods used against these cultures or ideas and the people that spread them, but beware, LaRouches cult is not simply just another nazicult. The PURPOSE of these mad attacks against specific cultures is to recruit people from these cultures and to promote a version of this culture that is more LaRouchian. (This is why LaRouche can attack some aspects of jewish culture violently, for example, while "supporting" and promoting other aspects of it; and while recruiting jews as leaders!)

I reject the attacks we made, and to which I was coresponsible as a member, against "new age" movements, and the new spirituality, and gnosticism. I have developed much and have found much that is very good here and that has developed me MUCH as a human being.

The attacks against modern culture and against "hedonism" I also reject. I were never negative to homosexuality, not even as a member, but I reject it even more today, when I am no longer a member.

There is much more that I reject. The division of science and culture into good and evil, and the attacks on that which was seen as evil... The vile attacks against opponents of all political cultures...


I know that the movement has had quite a lot of influence globally. The "private intelligence service" it built up, were often quite efficient. The fact that it culd operate as ONE organization globally at every continent, is also quite unique. BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO REALIZE THAT WE WHO WORKED WITH THE MOVEMENT WERE WRONG, however many good things we can say about what we did in the organization!

I was naive! I was wrong!

The past cant be changed or transformed, but my deeds now can give meaning to what I did wrong, as well as to what I did right! There is no use wishing that I would have done things differently (like protesting when LaRouche did something crazy), but I can learn a lesson from it!



  1. It is always something good, to admit being wrong!

  2. You write: "I have rejected the method I used. The LaRouchian methods of namecalling, no democracy, no dialogue, no opposition or no different ideas than Lyndons in the organization, laborintensive work, exaggerations, "armageddon-talk" that the civilization is doomed without the movement, I abhorr today. It is disgusting, and I hereby ask for the forgivness of anyone I have hurt while using these fascist namecalling methods!"

    You are forgiven brother, by me at least. I am so glad that you have realized all this. I am of course myself not without guilt or sin.
    (But do you not make the mistake of namecalling again when you write: these f a s c i s t namecalling methods? Can you define the term fascist please? I ask that because today it is such a misused term which can mean anything, good or bad)

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