Monday, March 23, 2009

Do you want LaRouche to censor the internet?

Nowhere can he LaRouchian totalitarian view be seen more clearly that in two campaigns he has run to "ban" what he calls: satanic culture. 

In the campaigns to BAN satanic rockmusic (like the Beatles) that the organization ran in the end of the 80s and the early 90s, but that stillis an issue, and the campaign to BAN facebook, My space and "satanic computergames". 

The campaign to ban computer games has been going on for more than a decade now, and thecampaign tp ban Facebook and MySpace was initiated around 2007 with the pamphlet "is the devil in your laptop". (, and here: )

This pamphlet is very open about its political aim to censor the internet, as can be seen here:

"There is a mass-based fascist movement on college campuses, today," LaRouche said, identifying it as presently the greatest threat to the survival of our nation. This threat, he said, has three faces:

*MySpace, directed by Rupert Murdoch

*Facebook, directed by Bill Gates

*Computer games, particularly the homicidal maniac versions.

If you allow an entire youth generation to be destroyed by these things, LaRouche said, there will be no future for the United States.

Therefore, these three things, presently dominating our culture, must each be destroyed, just as a contagious killer virus or bacteriological disease must be properly diagnosed, and cured. This disease, of course, is not a biological one, per se, but a mental and cultural disease. Our diagnosis, and a pathway towards a cure, is what follows.

And, although the contents of this pamphlet will be immediately painful to the minds of those readers, who might be intricately involved in "all the rave" about MySpace, Facebook, and computer games, the joy of being freed from mental slavery, thus engaging in solving our present world's dangerous problems, will, in the longer term, greatly outweigh the short-term pain, of tearing yourself from a beloved, but deadly, folly."

Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly compared the youth that are active on MySpace or Facebook with Hitler youth members! Or  people without a soul, that are like the animals on a zoo!

In an interview where LaRouche calls Obama a lizzard, a babbler, a puppet, no good, not reasonable, a clown, from the summer of 2008, he also attacks the Facebook and My Space:

"MySpace and Facebook typify that problem. You have something like mindless zombies coming out of the Black Lagoon, and that's the phenomenon. What you have is a break from relevance. The characteristic of MySpace and Facebook is what? You're not in the real universe. And this goes together with the killer games, which are less in the press nowadays, but they're still the same phenomenon out there. The killer computer games. People who are divorced from any connection with reality, who don't see the social process in which they're involved as a social process, as having any meaning, and they act like goons, or Black Lagoon types, coming out of the swamps."

Read what Lyndon LaRouche and his LYM-followers say, and ask yourself if you really want the LaRouchemovement to censor the internet?!



An excerpt from an internal document of the LaRouchecult (a dicussion LaRouche had with LYM youth Nov. 6 2007)

These excerpts are interesting because it reveals that the reason behind the campaign against Facebook and Myspace is to make sure that people dont leave the cult: "Most of the folks who drop out, and don't come around after a decent conversation, is because of this stuff. Something as happened to these people, after they get on the web and do a search etc. They've become a thing, organized by a bigger thing."

"LaRouche: Look at Myspace etc. It represents a wrong kind of power. Arbitrary--This is 
the new thing! This is now what we will all do! Method's of social control 
reducing people to animals. People are divorced from reality, into a perpetual 
game. A floating island like Gulliver's travels, walking around hitting people 
on the head with balloons to keep them from falling off the island, the island 
of Legado. 

When you have people removed from active responsibility in society, you get 
something like Myspace. The night of the living dead. Purgatory, divorced from 

What do you have? White collar employment, people part of an offshoot of 
boomers, they are responding to the controlling aspects of the boomers as their 
reality. They find themselves in a pathetic society playing children's games. 
They have no use. 19th century sociology is this anti-science of figuring out 
how to organize children's games.

Video games, lead to suicide. There is no other way out. Look at the Suicide 
Club, by Robert Louis Stevenson, for an example of this. 
Most sociology and anthropology is derived from things like this. 

Most of it in US was derived on faking the lifestyles of mythological Indian tribes. 

The other side in France was the model of sociology. You begin to develop 
synthetic models. Clever, but all wrong. With these models, you begin to operate 
on that, which is what most Universities use. 

It becomes systematic teaching. Networked behavior, mass psychology. 
Organizing mass psychology around games. It all comes down to games. Here are 
the rules, here is what people want etc. 

So what you have is a situation, where the boomer culture was created by a bunch of fascists. 

The 68ers destroyed society. This was done. This was their mission. Now, these 
anti culture freaks have had children. Now, the children of 16-25 are coming. In 
total desperation. Society offers them nothing, no real life, only boring 
routines. So they get into retreats, including computer games. One kind is 
shooting games. The other kind is social networking. What you've created in 
effect is a Nazi ovement......................... 

So the combination of computer games, which always leads to existentialist Suicide 

Philosophy of Suicide by Durkheim read this. “I go out, and I fight and I die, 
this is my reality.” A Nietzschean purpose. Everyone can now be a killer. Like in the kid in VA, sure he came out of bad social conditions, but they were merely the fertile ground in which these seeds 
are killed. 

Adam: Google has all your search and emails saved. Google knows what people are coming to websites. They have a huge profiling operation. 

Nick: Most of the folks who drop out, and don't come around after a decent conversation, is because of this stuff. Something as happened to these people, after they get on the web and do a search etc. They've become a thing, organized by a bigger thing."


  1. You should celebrate satanic culture, since you're a satanist. You're obviously totally shameless. All Lyndon tried to do is take away your right to call your banal and stupid "music" beautiful and creative. That's enough to make you kill.

    Since you only consider the erotic to be valid, that obviously ruins your "trip."

  2. If I am "satanic" I am in good company:

    "Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken".
    /L. V. Beethoven

  3. Nick Walsh, a LaRouchie, wrote in a pamphlet I read: “This ‘social graph’ is actually a mind control site, now directed by mass killer enthusiast Bill Gates."

    This schizophrenic ranting is really fascist shit.