Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scientific knowledge according to the LaRouchemovement :o)

The movement of Lyndon LaRouche don't need a bible, that contains the answers to all possible questions of their life, they have LaRouche himself, the so called "universal genius"!

Here is how the curriculum would look like in the schools, if ever the LaRouchies got political power in the USA.



  1. Your rantings is of the of the intellectual level of hard-core sado-masochistic faggot porn,

    You hate life itself and have lost your will to be immortal.

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  3. Schiller's comment demonstrates that members of the LaRouche cult are not much different from the Phelps family cult (for those who are unaware of the Phelps family cult- they protest at funerals of Iraqi soldiers - saying God is sending the fallen soldier to hell for their homosexuality.)
    Both cults are wacky and so annoying, to say the least! -
    "You have lost your will to be immortal..."
    What a sterling example you are Schiller!?
    Perhaps some day you will come to realize just how lost you are right now.
    Pray for Schiller.

  4. Did Schiller use such a language as Schiller uses here. The real Schiller that is?

    jag studerade EAp schillerhemsida och hittade detta. det låter inte som den schiller låter som skriver här ovan. Alltså:

    All förbättring på det politiska området skall utgå från karaktärens förädling – men hur kan karaktären förädlas under inflytande av en barbarisk statsförfattning? Man måste alltså för detta ändamål uppsöka ett verktyg, som staten ej erbjuder, och öppna källor därtill, som trots allt politiskt fördärv håller sig rena och klara. ... Detta verktyg är den sköna konsten ...

  5. You still hate life itself and you still have lost your will to be immortal!

  6. Schiller,

    So LaRouche says "the whole world is going to hell - and they deserve it!"
    Wow - that's really loving life for sure!

    "You still...." - you are acting like a 3 year old Schiller - are you going to post yet another comment repeating the same thing? - what amazing intellect you have!