Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My friend/child is a LYM member. Where can I get help?

If your friend, or child or relative is a member of the LaRouchemovement and you need someone to talk to, you should contact an organization that works to help relatives of members in a cult, or that helps people to escape from cult.

Dont get fooled by the fact that the organization in some parts of the world (like in Sweden) seems to be more "liberal". It is a "light"-version of a cult in some places of the world, but still a cult.

I would recommend the following webbsites. AGPF in Germany, FRI in Sweden and Steven Hassans informationscenter Freedomofmind in the USA:

Factnet is a good place for information on cults, and it is a forum for discussion among ex. members too:

There is an umbrella organzation for European organizations that helps ex. members of sects. On this site you can find links to French, German, Danish and Italian sites with information about sects, and contactinformation if you whant to get in touch with them:

Please read the following articles and statements by parents of members in the LaRouchemovement/LYM too!


Family members fight back the cult:

Statement by family to German member of the LaRouchemovement:

Statement by family "Ada", mother of a member of the LaRouchemovement:

Statement by French parents:

Statement by the parents of a French LYM member:

Statement by Australian parents:

Statement by former LYM member from France:


Please look at this article too about why Lyndon LaRouche and his LYM-cult wants to censor the internet. The quote below is quite revealing. It wants to censor the internet to make sure that people dont leave the cult! (From a discussion in 2007 between youth in the cult and the cult-guru Lyndon LaRouche about Facebook and Myspace and why that is "satanic".)


  1. One should notice that there are good reasons for being critical towards not only cults, but also some of the anti-cult organisations. An infamous organisation is Cult Awareness Network (CAN), which you know from "Travesty" (see http://www.fampo/review_travesty.html).

    I also found this website, criticising FRI, one of the organisations you mention: (for those who can read Swedish).

  2. CAN was better than LaRouche portraited it. The book Travesty only tells a part of the story. CAN does not exist anymore. It was taken over by the Scientologists!

    As with everything the extremes are always a problem. FRI is doing a great job. Only in the extreme cases are something like deprogramming necessary. Deprogramming is actually in almost all cases done as councelling (samtalsterapi) where the paradoxes of the sect is pointed out!

    I have seen good results of it among some who where former members of fundamentalist Christian groups.