Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Health problems among older organizers?

Today I am posting an exchange between me and a person that commented one of my posts!

There are an increasing number of older organizers in the USA that get health problems. Much due to the methods used while organizing. Older members are locked up in a dusty and noicy rooom seven days a week for 30 years. Off course that effects their health.

The organization is not taking responsibility for the result of their policies. Least of all do the "old geezer", Lyndon LaRouche, do so!

Do not blame the "war" for mankind.

The lousy environment the members of the organizations work in, especially in the USA, and the loooooong days which they spend in the offices or on the "field" (seven days or six and a half days a week) are often motivated by the organization with "that the organization is in war". As in war, the conditions therefore have to be less good.

But once again. Only a lousy, lousy, lousy commander would ever let their troops work seven days a week. Even Patton, that believed that soldiers could learn to live with just two hours sleep a night, and still be efficient (sic!), knew that once in a while the soldiers need to rest and come away from the battlefield and that they need the BEST POSSIBLE environment around themselves.

Only a cult leader, a slavery proponent, or a mad general, would make the soldiers work as the "soldiers" of the American organization do!

And this is now the model for the organization worldwide!!!





Freedomfighter said...

Thanks for the answer, but you repeat what you already said in the text - my question was if you think the many early deaths among many american LaRouche-full time members might have to do with this slavery? You are probably not a doctor, but that was my question and it would be interesting to hear what you as a former full time member think about it and if you know what other members in America thought about it etc?

APRIL 20, 2009 6:29 PM
European said...

I think it does not promote their health. I think that organizers that work as much as they did, and DO, in the American organization will die an early death.

Organizing differed between Europe and USA. In Europe we used to work less than in USA. This might differ now when Lyndon has are pushing "american" fundraising methods and "american" youth organizing as the model for worldwide organizing.

I remember visiting USA in 2003. I spent some time in the offices and worked with the fund raising teams there. The working conditions were less than LOUSY.

In Baltimore they had a large sterile, dusty room with about 10 people (boomers) sitting in a kind of circle with their desks. The level of noice was GREAT. I use hearing aid (I have heard bad since I was a kid) and could not organize on the phones. I could not hear a thing with ten other people shouting to get heard. I heard from some of the other phone-organizers that they are getting hearing problems. NO WONDER!

And how often are the carpets cleaned? How often are the stacks of literature removed and the dust cleaned away?

The organizers on the phones are sitting all days a week in an unheatlthy environment.

It is not exactly healthy either to be outdoor in the city all days...

Ok. The Baltimore local might be a special case. But look at Leesburg and Philly! Ok, the older organizers in Philly had flowers and screens to lower the noice level and create a nicer environment in the room where they spent most of their lives. The baltimore local had none of this! But still. I, who was mainly a phone organizer in Sweden, could not work on the phones in there either, due to the insane noice level.

I ask myself if the older organizers show signs of being hearing impaired and if they show signs of asthma and similar allergical reactions?

I already know the answer! Yes, they do!!! In 2003 I saw that!

Do they get treatment for this? Do they get hearing aid? And is it ackowledged by Lyndon that the health problems are due to the organization? Is he thankful because they have sacrificed so much for him?

Good question!


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  1. Maintaining a healthy office environment requires a view of each employee, or LC member, as a sacred, valuable human being. Office hazards comes from a view of humans as beasts