Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Socrates had to say about Lyndon LaRouche!

A dialogue written by me, European, on Lyndon LaRouche and the cult he leads. It begins as a parody but when the real question about LaRouches economic competence is discussed the reality almost seems more absurd that the fictious parody!

Some fun for you this sunday!


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  1. stupidest shit ever, i can't believe you spent all that time...

  2. An answer to B4!

    Scribd is a place were everyone can post things. You create an account and then you can post whetever you want and it will stay there "for ever", or at least as long as the scribd remains.

    This thing is mainly for members or ex. members. The general public would be more intreresting in reading something else.

    About excrements and such... I am using another parody, The travels of Gulliver, as a kind of "theme" for the beginning, that is why I used that!

    In reality the poor LC-members often eat even worse food than that!



  3. I loved it.

    This is how the LYM in Germany were when I was working with them. It was a madhouse.