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Lyndon LaRouche and antisemitism, why I prefer not to call him antisemite!

It is important to be careful when using words, because people have a preconception when about what a word means.

If that preconception does not really fit with what others say, it might create some confusion! And that confusion is one which can backfire...

Let me just start by saying that I can understand the use of the word antisemitic when describing Lyndon LaRouche! Just look at the picture accompanying this text!

The only difference is that I mean that if one says that he is an antisemite one have to add some things, in order to make it correct. First one have to ask if the organization also is that. If Lyn is an antisemite, then the organization and its members is so too, I would say. Quite obvious since the organization IS LYN!

Then one has to add that it is not a normal kind of antisemitism. It is one that is antisemitic but still "friendly" to jews. Jews are more than welcome in this organization. There are jews as leaders. It speaks well about parts of the jewish heritage and Israel. And antisemites that are open with their antisemitism is not welcome in this organization. (I have seen Lyn and Helga openly ridicule and critizise parliamentarians (!) that were open antisemites in the classical form (race/blood=evil). It is an antisemitism that would use the protocols to get more jews to join the organization!!!

The problem

LaRouche has been compared to Father Coughlin and David Duke on the Factnet. (Well, I actually read quite a lot about Father Coughlin in 2003 when I was on the intelligence call helping out with intelligence on the thing the organization calls "synarchism". One thing that was done was to look at American antisemitism in, and around, Catholic circles. Several articles was written attacking this antisemitism.) There is a big difference. Father Coughlin did not want to recruit jews or welcome jews in his organization (to my knowledge at least). He had not leading jews in his organization and to my knowledge he did not uphold something jewish as a model for how people should live or think! Neither do Duke.

I am not saying this to defend LaRouche. When I sat down and thought about my time in the organization,before I started to post on the Factnet and before I decided to write on the blog, I decided that it is much better not to call him antisemite, and instead focus on the common features between his attacks on jews and other cultures

Why? I will tell you!

The problem is that most critics that calls Lyn an antisemite do not add an explaination, as I did. So when a jew (like Stephen Brawer in Stockholm or Phil Rubinstein perhaps) says "I am a jew and a friend of Lyn" it has an explosive effect upon people, especially youth that are CRITICAL to media and such. When the same people (youngsters!) see that the organization talks about Moses Mendelsohn and other parts of jewish culture, speaks well about Israel (not only says negative things!) and that there are dozens of jews in the leadership, and hears people in the organization say that antisemitism is wrong, then, off course, they wont listen to the critics anymore. It does not matter how many correct quotes Dennis King and others will present with LaRouches insane rantings about jews, or how often they read about Liberty Lobby and LaRouche, they will still mistrust the opponents and call their writings a lie!  

The problem is that things like this makes it easy for the organization to point at other things too, as what people say that the organization is fascist or a cult. They would say. "Look at what they said about us being nazi/KKK/antisemites/racist, you KNOW that that was a lie, now what do you think it is when they say we are a cult?" The allegation that LaRouche is nazi and racist is even more dangerous. There are so many coloured people in the organization and around Lyn, and so much work being done to "save Africa", that this becomes ridiculous. Do you follow me?

My experience as an organizer

This is the experience I have as a former member. I used to speak to LYM members when I was in the org about how they were recruited, and was almost a Lym (a bit too old, though, being born 1970!). I spoke often to members that had joined BEFORE the LYM-period and the pattern was the same! 

But it was also my experience as an "organizer". This is what I found was a good way to recruit people. I have actually recruited, or helped to recruit, quite a number of youngsters to the organization by simply using what the critics said and letting them compare it to what they could see!

I often let them read articles written by Dennis King and Swedish critics. I showed them some articles from when Amelia was in Lund 2001, for example, when some stupid local journalists tried to scare people from coming by saying that the organization is rightwing extremist, racist and has conections to the KKK! So stupid, so stupid! We recruited new members and contacts by the simple fact that people would ask themselves, "what the heck, this cant be true!"

Jews are viewed POSITIVELY

It is not strange that the organization welcomed a jew like Jeremiah Duggan to the conference in 2003. There are other JEWISH LYM members, you know! As well as there are muslim, atheist and catholic once, and from every culture and with all colours of skin! ALL ARE WELCOME, MORE THAN WELCOME, in the organization... As long as they adjust their culture or creed or worldview to be LaRouchians!

Were the jews welcomed or not in the 70s when you older ex-members joined? Off course they were. The same with catholics! The Catholics were welcome too! (I know that jokes about the holocaust and jokes about catholics has been circulating. I know that it has not been seen as a "good" thing to visit a church or a synagogue too much, etc... Yes! But they were still welcome. That LaRouche did not want the catholic, for example, to be too active in his or her church has got more to do with the fact that the organization is a cult!)

I would say, compare the what Lyndon treated catholics and jews in the 70s. The early writings on the sexual impotence of PSP and beoynd psychoanalysis are actually far more critical to catholic culture than jewish culture! Right?! Lyn was a catholic-basher those days. It can clearly be seen in Dope Inc, where Lyn SPEAKS about the protocols of Sion, but where he QUOTES the so called "extrem Jesuit Oath/Oath of Knights of Colombus".

But Catholics were welcome still, right? As well as jews were! It was just that LaRouche used all his manipulative skill, and all his vile methods of slanders and lies, to make the catholic AND JEWISH (and atheist, and pagan, and protestant, and american, and communist, and swedish, and german, and french, and latino, and jazzloving... etc-) member QUESTION EVERY PART OF THEIR CULTURE and replace it with LaRouches own view of it!

The use of the protocols and the attacks on LARGE PARTS jewish culture (Sionism is not judaism, was actually written by a jew, by the way!), had not only the purpose of winning the apporoval of Willis Carto and the Liberty Lobby, LaRouches friends at the time. It had an ordinary, more prosaic purpose, THAT OF MAKING THE MEMBERS OF THE CULT MORE DEPENDENT OF CULT GURU: LAROUCHE!

That is why the organizers that TRIED TO RECRIUT DUGGAN to the organization (to become one more of the jewish LYM-members), used both attacks on jews, like Rabin etc, and the examples of "positive" jewish culture, like Moses Mendelsohn!

Dont forget that the movement is a cult!


Jeremiah Duggan was welcomed to the conference in 2003, just as every other jew that has participated (and I have met A LOT OF THEM!!!!!) has been welcomed!

Lets be blunt about it. The problem with the Duggan-campaign right now is that two extremes meet. 

On one hand the people that says that Duggan must have been murdered by the vile antisemitic, almost nazi, cult because he was a jew, because antisemites dont like jews! And since the local German police does not believe it was a murder and have witnesses that saw Duggan run out in the traffic being HIT by the traffic, then the police must be a bunch of liars that in the german "nazi tradition" does not want to investigate this ritual murder of this jew!

On the other hand the TOTALITARIAN CULT that say that Duggan had "problems" but that fails/chooses not to see that the METHODS of the cult may have led to a psychological breakdown for Duggan, so that he became confused, afraid or even decided to commit suicide! In the case of Lyndon LaRouche I believe that he knows very well that the methods of "organizing" new recruits (Ego-stripping as you older ex. members would say) might lead to disasterours results, but he wishes to cover it up!

One might ask if the extreme position of the critics, and the accusations against German police, has made the police more or less willing to investigate the LaRouchecult? My guess is that it has not exactly encouraged them to investigate it!

In the view of Lyndon LaRouche, there are no races or cultures or differences between creeds... There is a "unity in the manifold", a "one in the many", a "super-asshole", a "manifold", a "transfinite", that unites it all, and that is the totalitarian CULT-GURU himself: Lyndon LaRouche! All are welcome, jews and atheists as well as Martians and extraterrestials :o) as long as all lick the fat ass of the guru!

And the lack of that understandning among some of the organizers of the Duggan event, is the wekness of the plead to investigate the death of Duggan! I just hope that some German authorities can see that there is a need to investigate it, even though!




Some say that an evidence that LaRouche is antisemite is that he says that only a minority of the jews are "good" jews, the rest are either evil, or fooled.

I would say that the 0,1% OF ANY CULTURE, CREED and so called race, that is LaRouchians or behave as LaRouche wants them to, are the only true representatives of that culture, creed or race as LaRouche views it!

Only a small, small faction or the jews, swedes, americans, germans, catholics, atheistst, canadians, australians, etc, make up the faction of humanistic Neo-platonic Jews, Swedes, Americans, Germans, Catholics, Atheists, Canadians, Australians, etc, that LaRouche extolls and approves! And they have to agree with Lyndon!!!

That is the way a cult-leader runs the show!

And admittedly, some cultures are attacked more often than others. Jews, Russians and English has been attacked more than others. And perhaps the french!

So... To repeat! If it is antisemitism to say that only 0,1% of the jews are "good", then he is anti- EVERYTHING!!!!! And that is my point! As any clever, brilliant and EVIL cultleader would do he declares ALL exept the "saved once" to be the hostages and dupes of "hedonism", "liberalism" and "Satan"! And all can be saved, as long as that person "surrenders to the Messiah and adopts the creed (oh, excuse me, not creed, but METHOD) of that Messiah! 



  1. This is great info - especially your personal account.

    I urged you to stand up to the "LaR is definitely anti-semite" crowd a few days ago. I've only been reading factnet a few days - but its obvious to me now - some of these people are going to stick to their same old reasoning - for whatever reason - and frankly - they remind me of arguing with people who are still in. I'm not denouncing them here - I'm just saying they could do a bit more of give-and-take or try harder in finding common-ground.

    You've done a great job in presenting your case - which, I for one, agree with.
    It looks like the anti-semite issue is going to always be a sticking point between some people - and this is somewhat understandable.
    On any issue you might discuss- keep it short and simple. Remember - anybody new who is trying to "make a decision" about LaRouche is going to get turned off by reading long boring intellectual discussions.

    I think you might want to next address the topic of LaR's "good ideas".
    Fusion energy, transportation and water projects, et cetera. This is something that helps recruit people - also Beethoven and Shakespeare. My short answer on this is - yes these are all good - but can also be pursued outside of the LaR cult. I have a theory - that people are sometimes in part afraid to leave the cult because subconsciously they think they'll
    be rejecting these "good ideas"
    I probably developed an appreciation of classical music which I did not have before - while in the cult - and I still love it - as well as most music - but I've never liked rap and some other stuff.
    This is maybe one positive thing I got while in - however - I could had gotten this appreciation from anywhere else. For those members who do choral music and Shakespeare - which are undoubtedly powerful mediums - can you see how much harder for someone participating in those things - sort of "survives" within the cult - while sort of going thru the rest of it's motions and thus keeps them within the group - same thing with the unending intellectual "humanist" studies.
    I'm confident you agree - at least in part - about this - sorry if you have already written about this - it's been impossible for me to read everything.
    One final note - it sort of pains me to seeing former members refer to LaR as Lyn. To me, people who did so - were sort of confirming their "born-again" relationship with the guy - even though in most cases, those who called him that - had ever or rarely ever spoken to him. (This is just an obsevation - and I definitely don't want any feedback on that obsevation - it would probably make me puke.)
    Hope you get to spend time w/family and/or friends this week-end - just relaxing. You deserve a fun break.

  2. I will write a thing on Africa today. I agree with you very much.

    The Factnet is actually a place for researchers. LaRoucheplanet is a better place to look for information on LaRouche, but their forum is not really working as it is right now.

    I agree that the Factnet is not enough.

    You can also read this:
    and this:

    They are about the "good ideas". All good ideas of Lyndon are filled with double standards.

    Please write to my mail (or here) about some of your experiences with the double standards! Your experiences are important!

    One the Factnet someone has invented a word, "the wtf-moments". The What-The-Fuck-moments! That is when you are in the organization ans you see for yourself the doublestandards, dangers and corruption of it or Lyndon. What WTF-moments did you have?



    Feel free to mail me privately if you want to!

  3. Bullshit!

    Look here!!!

    LaRouche's Antisemitic Conspiracism
    by Chip Berlet
    While often described merely as conservative or extremist, the
    LaRouche organization and its various front groups are a fascist
    political movement with echoes of neonazi ideology.

    For a lengthy essay on "LaRouche and Antisemitism," go here

    Here are several LaRouchite texts that help illustrate this claim:

    "From Ezra onwards, and even before, Hebrewism was an assimilationist doctrine developed to provide special juridical status (and ideological self-image) for a caste of merchant-userers within a pre-capitalist society."

    "Judaism is not a true religion, but only a half-religion, a curious
    appendage and sub-species of Christianity."

    "Judaism is ideological abstraction of the secular life of
    Christianity's Jew, the Roman merchant-userer who had not yet evolved to the state of Papal enlightenment, a half-Christian, who had not developed a Christian conscience."

    "Judaism is the religion of a caste of subjects of Christianity,
    entirely molded by ingenious rabbis to fit into the ideological and
    secular life of Christianity. In short, a self- sustaining Judaism
    never existed and never could exist. As for Jewish culture otherwise,
    it is merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything
    saleable has been marketed to the Goyim."

    The entire LaRouche discourse above is designed to show that Jews are
    a "caste of merchant-userers" who have not yet developed a
    whole "Christian conscience" through "Papal enlightenment."


    "The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach", Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., (under pen
    name L. Marcus), The Campaigner, December 1973.

    "Should Anthropology As Well As Sociology Be Eliminated from
    University Payrolls?" Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., The Campaigner, September
    1979, p.3.

    "The Secrets Known Only To The Inner Elites," Lyndon H. LaRouche,
    Jr., The Campaigner, May-June 1978.

    "Zionism Is Not Judaism" Editorial, The Campaigner, December 1978.

    An ad in the July-August 1977 The Campaigner, "Next in Campaigner From
    Babylon to Jerusalem."

    LaRouche, speech, "Our Fight for the Christian-Platonic Method in
    Science," The New Federalist, September 16, 1991, p. 9.

  4. Please read my text. There is a difference between an organization that likes to recruit jews and that welcomes jews and one that does not. And one that condemns all jews or just some jews. The LaRoucheorganizations is disgusting but it welcomes jews and does not condemn all of them! (As with every culture, creed and such,..)

  5. anonymous 1

    Look here: