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WANTED, for crimes against the humanity! (part two in a series on Lyndon LaRouche and Africa)

In the first article in this series I showed that the LaRouchecult in its coverage of the genocide in Rwanda, has DE FACTO defended the genocidialists from 1994 onwards.

The tutsies of the RPF are blamed by the cult for the genocide and NOTHING has ever been written (to my knowledge) showing anything evil that the hutu government and its militias did.

I was fooled by this, while I was a member, as where many others. For 10 years I bought the propaganda of the cult that the tutsies were to blame for all evil!

Lets take an exemple of this propaganda. In 2002 EIR wrote a report, Prepared for the Defense Team in the Ntagerura Case. The trial of the former Rwandan (hutu) minister of transportation at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. ( )

It is mentioned that "that atrocities and mass-killings were committed on both sides of the political divide" but the overall picture one gets is that the tutises were murdering most people and the hutus less. The attacks of RPF (the tutsies) in 1993 and 1994 and earlier are mentioned, but not the Hutu attacks that occured against the RPF at the same time. In the description of the crisis in Congo it is mentioned that the RPF and Uganda sent their troops over the border to hunt for hutu guerilla, but it is not mentioned that this guerilla made vicious attacks against the RPF and the tutsies before that.

In short, one gets the impression in this report and in all previous reports that the RPF and the tutsies killed most people in Rwanda and that they initiated the violence and the hutus did nothing.

Why did the organization say so and who did we cooperate with that gave us such information? To find an answer, look at LaRouches friends in Rwanda!

The strange friends of Lyndon LaRouche: The case of Ntagerura

We have already mentioned one of the friends, the former minister Ntagerura, that the organization wanted to help in 2002 with the report.

He was accused of genocide, complicity in genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, crimes against humanity and serious violations of the Geneva Conventions and of Additional Protocol II by the ICC. Ntagerura was put to trial in the International Court of Justice and acquitted in two trials in 2004, due to lack of evidence. Lets look at what he was accused of:

According to the accusation, between 1 January and 31 July 1994, Ntagerura reportedly allowed and/or authorised the use of government vehicles, notably coaches, in order to transport militiamen, armed Interahamwe (Hutu extremist militia), civilians, including members of the Tutsi population, as well as weapons and ammunition towards and throughout the Cyangugu prefecture. Furthermore, he was accused of having encouraged and participated in the training of the Interahamwe in the Karengera commune and other communes throughout the territory of Cyangugu prefecture. Again, however, the Third Trial Chamber was unable to establish that these allegations were well founded.

( The Ntagerura case: )

The Rwandan government responded to the acquittal in this way: “We are not talking about low level genocidaires , Bagambiki and Ntagerura, participated in the killings at a national level. The two are even among that group of people that were extremists even before the genocide”.

Ok, an acquittal is an acquittal. But the fact that he has given interviews since his acquittal where he claims that no genocide occured, i.e that not many tutsies at all were killed, is very telling.

I would claim that this is what is most important in understanding why the movement of Lyndon LaRouche choosed to defend him in the ICC.

Revisionists united with Lyndon LaRouche!

Lyndon LaRouche and his cult has cooperated with the so called revisionists in Rwanda for a long time, people like Ntagerura. The climax of this cooperation was the 1997 conference for "peace" in Central Africa which featured Lyndon LaRouche as the main speaker!.

Lets read what the EIR wrote at te time:

"On April 26 and 27, 1997, the Executive Intelligence Review, Forum für Frieden and Demokratie (Bonn), and the Schiller Institute, cosponsored a seminar on the crisis in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Almost exactly 25 years after the genocide against the Hutu population in Burundi began in April of 1972, the participants of the seminar accused the international community of scandalous indifference to the ongoing genocide against the mostly Hutu refugees in Zaire...Jean Gahururu and Ignace Murwanashyaka from Rwanda participated as the cosponsors of the Forum fuer Frieden and Demokratie...", wrote the EIR afterwards ( ).

I was there too in 1997 and looking back, it strikes me that no killing of tutsies in 1994 where mentioned at all, and the hutu attacks against Rwanda BEFORE THE INVASION BY THE RPF IN CONGO, were not mentioned either.

No wonder, the cosponsors of the conference was the Rally for the Return of Democracy and Refugees (RDR). It is them that are hidden behind the name Forum für Frieden and Demokratie. RDR is well known for its revisionist ideas, blaming the war in Rwanda entirely on the tutsies and RPF and almost never mentioning anything about any murdered tutsies or the Hutu murders.

Such are the friends of Lyndon LaRouche, revisionists and liars!

The RDR (Rally for the Return of Democracy and Refugees) was created in 1995. Lets hear what one source has to say about them: "By the spring of 1995, conscious that their responsibility for the genocide was damaging to their political efforts and relationships with the international community, the genocidaires adopted a new name—the Rally for the Return of Refugees and Democracy in Rwanda, or RDR. The RDR developed into a political body whose main objective was to mobilize the international community in the return of refugees. Rwandan exiles created a separate movement to focus on military matters—Armed People for the Liberation of Rwanda, or PALIR."( )

Others have said that the RDR is simply a cover up. That in 1994 one militant branch and one political branch was created of what was the former Hutu-led government in Rwanda. In the book "We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families", author Philip Gourevitch argued that the RDR is a shadow organization effectively run by former Rwandan Armed Forces (FAR) commanders and genocidialists.

And that leads us to FAR and similar groups...

Wanted, for crimes against the humantity and violating the arms embargo!

A closer look at the persons present at the conference in 1997 confirms that the RDR certainly not are the "innocent" peaceful organization it was presented as at the conference in 1997. The RDR (and the LaRouchecult) has claimed all the time that RDR is a peaceful group and that it has nothing to do with the rebels in Congo that were fighting the RPF with weapons.

But why would then so many of its colllaborators get caught smuggling weapons for the guerilla groops that were attacking Rwanda?

At the 1997 conference that Lyndon LaRouche headed, many Africans were present. Lets look at the list of Africans present, as the publication of LaRouche, EIR presented it some days after:

"For Rwanda, the Rally for the Return of Democracy and Refugees (RDR) was represented by its president, Francois Nzabahimana, former Minister of Trade. He led a delegation of representatives from Rwandan refugee organizations from France, E. Rwirangira; from the Benelux countries, Dr. J. B. Butera; from England, J. Habimana; and, from Germany, Str. Musoni. Furthermore, Rwanda Pour Tous was represented by Nkiko Nsengimana. Jean Gahururu and Ignace Murwanashyaka from Rwanda participated as the cosponsors of the Forum fuer Frieden and Demokratie."

One of the co-sponsorers of this conference, is now wanted by the ICC, for crimes against the humanity, Ignace Murwanashyaka!

At the interpol, one can read this:


Legal Status
Present family name: MURWANASHYAKA
Forename: IGNACE
Date of birth: 14 May 1963 (45 years old)
Place of birth: MUGUSA / BUTARE, Rwanda
Language spoken: English, French, German, Kinyarwanda
Nationality: Rwanda


Arrest Warrant Issued by: KIGALI / Rwanda

The Wikipedia entry explains the case more in depth:

"Ignace Murwanashyaka

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka (born 14 May 1963) is the current leader of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, a Rwandan Hutu rebel group operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The FDLR are responsible for large scale human rights violations and crimes against humanity, including rape on a massive scale.[1] [2]
Murwanashyaka was born in Butare and has studied in West Germany. In November 2005 he was blacklisted by the United Nations for violating an arms embargo aimed at promoting peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and subjected to a travel bans and assets freeze.[3]
He was arrested on 8 April 2006 in Mannheim, Germany for immigration violations and released shortly after. On 26 May 2006 preliminary investigation were opened against him for "Initial suspicion of involvement in crimes against humanity in the Democratic Republic of Congo", but the prosecution has since been abandoned. Since then no action has been taken by German authorities. [4] Rwanda indicated it would seek his extradition for alleged crimes committed during the Rwandan Genocide[5] and has issued an arrest warrant [6].

^ Last updated on 6 February 2007
^ JURIST - Paper Chase: Suspected Rwanda war criminal arrested in Germany

If the RDR were so separated from the guerilla warfare, why this?

Wanted, for crimes against the humantity and violating an arms embargo!

A second known armsdealer participated at the "peaceful" conference presided by LaRouche in 1997, Straton Musoni. He is too a known revisionist. In 2007 the UN and the US Treasury listed him as wanted, for arms deals!

"The U.S. Treasury Department Friday named seven companies and three
individuals who have directly contributed to the conflict in Congo...

The third individual to be named was Straton Musoni, who is the first
vice president of the Forces Democratiques pour la Liberation du
Rwanda, which is largely made up of Hutu extremists who led the
Rwandan genocide. The group is now impeding the disarmament and
repatriation of combatants in Congo.

He apparently did so in cooperation wit the above mentioned suspected war criminal. This is what the United Nations write about the two armsdealers:

"(h) Ignace Murwanashyaka, listed by
the Committee for being a member of an illegal armed group and for arms
trafficking, currently resides in Germany and isstill recognized by
FDLR-FOCA as the President of the armed group’s political branch. The
Group has gathered information from demobilized FDLR
combatantsregarding his continued involvement in political and
military decision-making within FDLR through frequent contact with
field commanders; (i) Straton Musoni, listed by the Committee for
being a member of an illegalarmed group and for arms trafficking,
currently resides in Germany and is stillrecognized by FDLR-FOCA as
the Vice-President of the armed group’s politicalbranch;

("Straton+Musoni""+Rwanda&cd=15&hl=sv&ct=clnk&gl=se )

In short!

In this article I have only had the time to look at three individuals and one organization that Lyndon LaRouche and his organization has cooperated with, They might not be friends today, I dont know. But the fact is that the RDR, these individuals, and the cult headed by Lyndon LaRouche, still today continue to claim that the hutu government and militia played no, or almost no, role in the genocide in Rwanda in the 90s.

800.000 people, mostly tutsies were killed in 100 days in 1994, and still today, 15 years after the massacre, Lyndon LaRouche and his cult has not said a single word about the crimise of the Hutu regime, not even mentioning them, and has not with one single word said that most victimes (95%) were tutsies.

As a matter of fact, the brainwashing inside the cult is so immense that most members still believe that it was HUTUS that were murdered in 1994, not tutsies!

There is only one word for that: DISGUSTING!


To the first article:


Please look at the documentation by Dennis King on who the friends of LaRouche in Latin America are. You will see that there are many similarities to the work the organization did in Africa:

Please do a search on the google for more examples of the cooperation between the RDR and LaRouche:"Rally+for+Democracy+in+Rwanda"++LaRouche&btnG=Sök&meta=




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