Monday, April 27, 2009

Washington Post. Articles about Lyndon LaRouche!

Today I am posting some links for you. It is links to a collection of articles in Washington Post about Lyndon LaRouche. I especially recommend these two articles. The first on who Lyndon LaRouche is. The second about his move to a luxurious and wellguarded new estate in Loudoun County, 1985. To quote the second article:

"The people who stay at the Woodburn Estate say there are no mortar emplacements on the premises. But they say guards there carry an array of handguns -- Colt Combat Commanders, Walther PPKs, MAC10s -- and other armaments. There are sandbag-buttressed guard posts near the estate's 13-room Georgian mansion, cement barriers along the road and sharp metal spikes in the driveway."


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