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Lyndon LaRouche and Satan, an intimate relationship!

Lyndon LaRouche has always used Satan in his political rethoric.

LaRouche claims that his movement is not religious. But every time he has a need to strengthen his control of the organization, his good old "friend", Satan, is brought forward as the argument why LaRouche is right and just about everyone else on this planet is wrong.

Lets take a look at the period between 1988 and 1992 and compare it to the campaigns against "The Children of Satan", and "Devil in your laptop", from after 2003... 

The first time I came in contact with Larouchian rethoric about Satan was in 1989. Lyndon LaRouche had finally ended up in prison for fraud and economical scams. To make the organization survive LaRouche started to talk more and more about religion. Already in 1988 the organization published the pamphlet "The third trial of Socrates", where the trial against LaRouche is said to be as the trials against Socrates and Jesus.

In 1989 "Why all my enemies will die", was published.

In it I could read.

"Given the deepening general crisis of civilization as a
whole,  the spread of Satanism and its acts,  threatens now to
become the extra factor unleashing virtually uncontrollable evils
Of great force of destruction.   Given a widspread core of pres-
ently organized,  devout Satanists,  also given the deepening
mood of cultural pessimism now being being fed by worsening
western appeasement of Moscow,  and given the terrible financial
crisis on the verge of eruption,  we face a monstrous social
crisis within society,  a crisis tending to bring out either the
best or the very worst potentialities within the population.
The presence of a powerful catalytic force of organized Satan-
ism,  under these conditions,  could unleash from within our
nations a beast which becomes uncontrollable."

After writing about the "criminal mind" of satanists, and different satanic organization, the article ended with a prediction that the "harmageddon" might be near:

"That said,  no one should be altogether surprised is some-
thing looking very much like "the last days" were to appear very
soon.    Whether that is the case,  or not,  should make no dif-
ference to us;  we should act in the same manner,  whatever the
outcome of this worsening crisis might prove to be.   In short,
do not be like the dumb Quaker this writer once was,  who blames
God for the state of mankind;  the Creator holds each of us re-
sponsible for the condition of mankind,  to the extent of the
potential means of each of us to do something to remedy the
present state of affairs. "

Immediately after LaRouche wrote this, in early 1989, the whole movement internationally initated different campaigns against satanism. There were articles, campaigns and research about satanic child abuse (The cooperation with, Dianne Core, and in the USA the Frankling Cover up with the pedophile Jim Bevel as LaRouches campaign leader!). There were attacks on known satanists, etc. I later heard that for a year basicly the whole american oranization focused on recruiting christian fundamentalists. 

Why? It was easy to get money from these fundamentalist supporters: it was just to say that the organization was fighting Staan!

Satanic Rock music

The part of the article that had the largest influence upon my life was the part that said that rock music was satanic:

"Since the launching of the Beatles as an international
project,  via TV's ,  in 1963,  "rock" has been
the most influential recruiter to Satanism.   Rock was created,
and is still coordinated by Crowley's followers and by the OTO
network,  in cooperation with WICCA.    It is,  not so incident-
ally,  also the Satanist's biggest money-maker,  and believed to
provide the chief logistical support for deployments and other
activities of the OTO-WICCA efforts world-wide."

In 1989 campaigns to stop concerts with heavy metal stars like Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, etc, was started. The swedish organization did the same.

So we chased satanists everywhere...

But seen from a distance, if ever someone was "satanic", and evil, in this campaign, it was the organization, and all its fundamentalist allies. I remember when we demonstrated in Karlskoga in 1990 against Iron maiden (I think it was them!) And the christian fundamentalists that we cooperated with walked around pointing at people, saying: "I can see satan in her", "I can see satan in him"...

This campaign was followed by others. I remember the centerfolds in New Federalist with attcks on TV. Disney and the newsmedia was now the new satanics to be targeted...

After a while the organization calmed down its references to Satan. Perhaps because it made many of the organizers join churches, and that was not really the intent of LaRouche. LaRouche wanted to strengthen the organization, not make them join churches! Some occacional attacks on computer games were initiated and as usual LaRouche used Satan in his namecalling. One day Kissinger was compared to Satan, the other day Tony Blair and the third day Newt Gingrish...

Around 1999- 2000, it started all over again, this time the computer games were in the center for the campaigns:

One part of the satanic threat was Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: :

"This past week, Germany's tabloid Bildzeitung printed some actual news. It reported a Vatican official's warning, that the British cult of "Harry Potter" is a specifically Satanic form of contemporary occultism. The reported argument to that effect stands on its own feet; to be specific, it identifies the current cult of "Harry Potter" devotees as in the same general class of pro-Satanic cults as the "Pokémon" cult...

The earlier "Lord of the Rings," and the current mass-mania of "Pokémon," "Harry Potter," and mass-murder by adolescents against fellow-students, are each and all merely typical of the impact of cults fostered by aid of the rise of "family values" cults. Such are the explicit claims made by the promoters of the "Harry Potter" cult today..."

In 2003 a new dimension was added to the madness, when the organization was building the new youth movement, LYM. This time it was the so called "synarchists", like Dick Cheney, that was accused of being satanic.

The reason why LaRouche used this metaphor again is, I believe, that he saw this as a possibility to strengthen the ties between himself and the youth that were recruited to the LYM, LaRouches Youthmovement.

As a part of the recruitment of youth, the school system was declared to be a result of a conspiracy to destroy the minds of people.  (A cult always needs to replace outher authorities with the internal one, i.e. the cult leader. Thus the education of the youth was attacked!) The young LaRouchians, LYM, are the once that can reverse this trend and make sure that civilization is not annihilated, due to that conspiracy. 

A conspiracy by satanic brains were behind it all, once again Beatles is mentioned as an example of this satanic conspiracy: "The present dark age in education",

"Remember the late 1960s, and "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius"? That was the battle-cry of the frankly satanic Friedrich Nietzsche, the professed prophet of the Anti-Christ. Remember the pestilence of the "Beatles," which left few tender minds, or chastities, intact in the wake of their passing.That was the call for the destruction of civilization at that time, the destruction which was then, in turn, actually carried out by the shock-troops of the 68ers against the Americas and the Europe of the 1970s, up to the present day."

We need new leaders that can take us out of this satanic crisis, LaRouche writes, i.e. LYM,  and he continues:

"The need to develop a new generation of leaders of such qualities from among the ranks of young adults today, is demonstrated by recognition of the fact that the susceptibility of the nations of the Americas and what was recently called "Western Europe," has been the increasing tendency for the spread of both intellectual and moral mediocrity in and outside of government since the later half of the 1960s. Even the leading figure of exceptional talent, is dragged down by the sea of both intellectual and moral mediocrity in which he or she swims...

The culminating cultural effect of that long span of the slide into sophistry-driven decadence of leadership and its constituencies, has been the post-1989 "End of History" mass-psychosis. That is to emphasize the loss of a sense of history among the dominant layers of influence shaping the leading and popular culture today. This shows up as the potential fatal ignorance of actual history in leading circles of power; the correlated breakdown of the intelligence agencies of leading governments; the lack of a sense of an actual future as the dynamics of leading and popular institutions are gripped by ever shorter concentration-spans; and, the correlated loss of rational comprehension of actual processes of cause and effect.

It is relevant to that general picture of the slide into decadence, that there is more than some little evidence, that Satan fears those who do as I do. He whispers to the person he has selected as his next dupe, pointing the accusing finger against me: "He is trying to change you!"

To that, the credulous dupe, looking Satan in the eye, asks, credulously: "Is that what he is doing?"

Satan nods a knowing nod.

The dupe's eyes widen. Anger seeps into his facial expression. "Then, he is really a very bad guy!" the dupe exclaims.

"Yes, he is a very bad guy," Satan affirms, indulgently, as he touches the dupe's sleeve lightly with his own little finger; "perhaps somebody should do something about him." The dupe's expression darkens. "Really?"

To do what must be done at the risk of that Satan's—and the Venetian financier oligarch's—displeasure, is to be a true teacher, a true leader. That such leaders might arise from the ranks of today's young adult youth, is my intention for the impact of the LYM upon our imperilled civilization of today."

Off course, a campaign against Satan cant be run without a real target... Something needs to be attacked which forces the youngsters to choose between the worldview of LaRouche, and the worldview of "the outer world"...

LaRouche chosed to attack computer games, once more, as well as Facebook and Myspace:

The campaign to ban Facebook and MySpace was initiated around 2007 with the pamphlet "is the devil in your laptop". ( )

This pamphlet is very open about its political aim to censor the internet, as can be seen here:
"There is a mass-based fascist movement on college campuses, today," LaRouche said, identifying it as presently the greatest threat to the survival of our nation. This threat, he said, has three faces:

"*MySpace, directed by Rupert Murdoch

*Facebook, directed by Bill Gates

*Computer games, particularly the homicidal maniac versions."

If you allow an entire youth generation to be destroyed by these things, LaRouche said, there will be no future for the United States.

"Therefore, these three things, presently dominating our culture, must each be destroyed, just as a contagious killer virus or bacteriological disease must be properly diagnosed, and cured. This disease, of course, is not a biological one, per se, but a mental and cultural disease. Our diagnosis, and a pathway towards a cure, is what follows.

And, although the contents of this pamphlet will be immediately painful to the minds of those readers, who might be intricately involved in "all the rave" about MySpace, Facebook, and computer games, the joy of being freed from mental slavery, thus engaging in solving our present world's dangerous problems, will, in the longer term, greatly outweigh the short-term pain, of tearing yourself from a beloved, but deadly, folly."

Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly compared the youth that are active on MySpace or Facebook with Hitler youth members, satanists, hedonists, people without a soul, people that are like the animals on a zoo!

In an interview where LaRouche calls Obama a lizzard, a babbler, a puppet, no good, not reasonable, a clown, from the summer of 2008, he also attacks the Facebook and My Space:

"MySpace and Facebook typify that problem. You have something like mindless zombies coming out of the Black Lagoon, and that's the phenomenon. What you have is a break from relevance. The characteristic of MySpace and Facebook is what? You're not in the real universe. And this goes together with the killer games, which are less in the press nowadays, but they're still the same phenomenon out there. The killer computer games. People who are divorced from any connection with reality, who don't see the social process in which they're involved as a social process, as having any meaning, and they act like goons, or Black Lagoon types, coming out of the swamps."

This talk about satan has no other purpose than to make the members of the LaRouche-cult feel that politics is about "we versus the evil forces that wants to enslave mankind"...

I can remember how I felt the same. We were fighting for the survival of mankind against a cruel and hostile world. The rest of the people did not understand that there were evil, satanic, forces (oligarchs) that wanted to enslave people and we (i.e. the movement) had to take responsibility and save the planet. WHETHER THE REST OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET WANTED TO BE SAVED BY US OR NOT, WAS OF NO IMPORTANCE, they were just "blocking" and did not understand what was good for them! LaRouche was an enormous genius, a kind of Messiah, that had started this movement to make people think again, to be able to save the world. 

It was we against the rest of the world, and the rest were controlled by the "forces" out there. There minds were SATANIC, it was the oligarchs!

This kind of dualist, manichean, thinking is typical for every cult! And as with every cult: The only satan there is to fear, is the satan that runs the cult!



I got this comment by mail some minutes ago by a reader: 
"One other point on the Christian fundamentalist stuff. It is important always to keep in mind that LaRouche's dualistic outlook really goes back to his childhood in a fundamentalist religious world of his parents. In case you haven't read it, take a look at this chapter: "


  1. European, I would like you to prove you are a real person. Your point of view is absurd. You are actually, or like a compilation of a team of intelligence (or stupidity) agents. How can you quote LaRouche, admit that he has always been slandered in a disgusting way, and then reject everything? You're the one who needs to be "deprogrammed." Still trying to cash in on that money and sex chit you thought was coming from the Larouche org?

  2. Some people are so filled with disgust when reading Lyndon that they dont see that he is a more complex problem than they originally would think. He has said so many vile things against jewish individuals that it is natural to first believe that he is antisemitic. That he treats every culture this way takes some time to realize!


  3. But prove you are real, not "composite."

  4. Trust me, the organization by now knows who I am. It is not a secret, even if I dont want to write my name here! Ask them about it if you want. And plese tell me afterwards what they told you!


    I am very real!

  5. Only God and Satan is real, trust me my fellow brother!

  6. Hey guys, it most be really big fun to slander around and tear out things out of context. It is really ridiculous what a garbage you present here on a website. Don't you find anything more useful to do ? Face reality: LaRouche was right, while all others (including me) were completely wrong ! And that is it. No more fucking around and bitching around and stupid splitting hairs. Shut the fuck up and accept it. He is not an antisemite, he is not a cult, he is not a messiah (unless humanity makes him become one). He is just the major enemy of the most influential people in the western world. And he is right in every longterm and even midterm forecast. The ship is sinking, party is over !.