Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today I will recommend you to visit the discussion on factnet about LaRouche. This is a place were you can follow an ongoing discussion about the nature of this cult, and the cultleader.


Here is an answer I posted to a comment on my blog. A person asked why LaRouche is seen as Christ by so many members. (One of his friends in LYM in Sweden does so.)

"We belived that LaRouche was like Christ, yes, and like Socrates. Or even superior of both of them!

Some believed so in a religious sense (but very few), some in a pseudoreligious one. Others believed so because there was similarities in the "political work" of Christ and LaRouche (as we saw it). I would say that for most members they were the same kind of POLITICAL force, but as the cultleader he was this admiration had religious similarites!

I still remember in 1992 when LaRouche was in jail, and I visited USA, that many members had photos of LaRouche in their wallets, or on tables like a house altar. I remember that the person managing the finances in Baltimore lighted a candle, in front of a photo of him, EVERY DAY to REMEMBER AND ADORE LaRouche.



  1. Well if you say that Lyndon is Christ, then I must logically speaking be seen as a Judas by some who are still in the organization. Are you?