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Lyndon LaRouche acts like Mao: "Eliminate the useless eaters"!

Lyndon LaRouche is right now changing some internal policies that has do do with healthcare. Lyndon often speaks about "health care" and has made political campaigns saying that all people "have the right to healthcare". But in his own cult that is not the case!

Lyndon has had thousands of people working for nothing for him. They have received almost no money and have often worked in LOUSY conditions. The phone team organizers in USA works in dusty and noicy environments, and that off course affects their health.

The organization has, however, given SOME help to the organizers. They have received some health care up unil now... But this is changing.

The organization has a financial crisis and can no longer give money to help all the people in the organization that are ill or disabled, or have a general need of health care. Many members are approaching the 60s and 70s and they have worked in the dusty and noicy environments of the organization six to seven days a week, 14 hours a day, so they, consequently, need a lot of health care by now. But the organization cant afford it any longer!

The new policy of Lyndon is to throw out the "useless eaters". At the factnet XLCR4LIFE published a revealing speech by Lyndon that all of you should read:

"And it’s precisely the quality shown which is absent among the Boomers late this week, here, in Leesburg, in the center of the organization. Because the “me, me, me” concern of the Boomer, the lack of regard for reality, for the state of the universe, for our political role, is a complete breakdown in morality, among a list of people I have. But it was a shock to me that they could be so stupid, so immoral, so withdrawn. Screaming about “My money! My money! My money!” Screaming about health care. And people who are actually, you know, in a sense subsisting here in the organization, because they can’t contribute to it – again, same thing! Complete irresponsibility! Anything I ever said about Boomer, I can say in spades, as a result of what happened here, this past week. That was really Boomerism, in its lowest moral degree, relative to our organization. Real Boomerism."

…Whenever you behave like the typical behavior, or mass behavior among our members in Leesburg this past week. You get the worst result ….

Read it all here:

I am posting my comment to this speech by Lyndon as a PS to this post!



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When the EEC left the organization in 2006, and many Germans abandoned the insanity of the organization, some German organizers talked about the "cultural revolution" in the ICLC.

The comparison with the maoistic lunacy is actually quite relevant. The witchhunt against the boomers in the LaRoucheorganization, and the way Lyndonsays that the youth in the organization are more brilliant, less blocked and in short MORE IMPORTANT than the older members, clearly shows that this comparison is relevant.

But there are more to it...

I met a chinese man in exile once. He told me a lot of stories about the Chinese cultural revolution. First of all the history was rewritten by Mao and his closest followers. Mistakes made by Mao and the group around Mao, were claimed to be mistakes made by others. In the case of EEC the EEC got all blame for things that Lyndon himself had done and today Lyndon claims that he has known all the time that Molly destroyed the organization (sic!).

If you look at how older people and disabled people, and people that were sick, was treated in the cultural revolution you see the same pattern. This chinese man that I once met told me that his father, a devoted communist and former professor, was ill at the time of the cultural revolution. The students, and the controllers of the students, did not care about that, they told the father that he would not get any more money from the state, and thus would be condemned to death by starvation, or he had to go out in the countryside to work at the farms.

He did not want to die so he went out and worked in the fields for a week, and died out of exhaustion... The son later receivedan angry letter complaining about how useless his father had been that only lasted for a week!

The Chinese man told me about another relative of his, that belonged to the intelligensia and that was cut off from all social security too, due to the cultural revolution. "Go out and work on the filed and work to spread the revolution, otherwise you are a traitor to mankind and the revolution", they said. He was disabled and was forced out and did not return. He too died!

"Useless eaters", it is called. Eliminate the "useless eaters".

The way a leader treats the members of the organization he leads, is very revealing. It shows how he would treat the subjects of a nation, if he ever got the power to ead that nation...

Lyndon "Mao" LaRouche has his own version of a cultural revolution and the "useless eaters" are to be eliminated!

That briefing is DISGUSTING!

Thanks XLCR4LIfe that you published it!


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  1. M.a.o är Lyndon LaRouche som Mao.

    Keep up the good fight and dont forget to write in Swedish too så EAP inte kan vförstöra fler människors liv.