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KKK collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, Roy Frankhouser, dies!

Longtime KKK leader Roy E. Frankhouser Jr. of Reading dies

By Dan Kelly,Reading Eagle

The self-proclaimed head of the Ku Klux Klan in Pennsylvania died Friday in Spruce Manor Nursing Home, West Reading, with no known survivors.

Roy E. Frankhouser Jr., 69, who had operated the Mountain Church of Jesus Christ in the 100 block of South Fourth Street, which doubled as the local KKK headquarters, had resided in Spruce Manor since November 2006.

The Berks County coroner's office is seeking next of kin to claim Frankhouser's body.

Anyone with information about survivors or who wants more information call the coroner's office at 610-478-3280.

During his life Frankhouser had been convicted of an international fraud scheme, allegedly involved in assassination plots against U.S. government leaders, acquitted of a stabbing a rival Klan leader, lost an eye in a bar fight and waged a battle to get his white supremacist show on public access cable television, according to just a few of the dozens of newspaper clippings in the Reading Eagle archive.

The longtime Klansman and former member of the American Nazi Party was convicted in February 1995, following a four-day federal trial in Boston stemming from allegations he advised a white supremacist's mother to destroy evidence linking her son to the desecration of synagogues in Randolph and Brockton, Mass., as well as alleged assaults on black Brockton residents.

On April 28, 1993, Frankhouser was acquitted in Cumberland County Court of assault charges stemming from a 1992 stabbing incident in a hotel where a large KKK meeting was being held.

Frankhouser, then 53, was acquitted following a two-day trial.

The jury cited self-defense in finding the Klansman not guilty.

Frankhouser testified that stabbing victim Frank Mosley, a KKK security guard, and several skinheads ambushed and attacked him while he was attempting to enter the meeting. James W. Farrands, imperial wizard of a large Klan faction, was at the hotel.

Frankhouser said he defended himself with a Swiss army knife he had in his possession.

Frankhouser claimed a victory for free speech in 1985 when he launched "Race and Reason" on Berks Cable TV, the predecessor to BCTV.

He later hosted "White Forum" on BCTV.

He was on television on either network for more than a decade.

On Feb. 17, 1988, Frankhouser was sentenced to three years in federal prison and fined $50,000 for advising political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. to obstruct a federal grand jury probe into an alleged fundraising fraud scheme.

During the trial, Forrest Lee Fick of Stony Creek Mills testified that he and Frankhouser were asked by a member of LaRouche's organization to kill former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger during a flight to Europe.

According the newspaper records, Frankhouser was first arrested in 1961 at age 22 for kicking an Atlanta police captain in the shins during a protest.


And from a book by Dennis King:

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    Difference. Defiance. Defeat. Roy Frankhouser handled all three with
    inimitable aplomb, which earned him the praise of a rascally few, plus the
    condemnation of a predictable coterie. At the end, in Reading, Pennsylvania,
    Roy Frankhouser, 69, had left his mark, after a long career, vying to fend off
    the assault by minorities, homosexuals and aliens on his beloved town and
    idolized nation. Frankhouser had chosen his "road less-traveled by" at an
    early age, going public in open rebellion against those who sought to
    "change" the Keystone State, from what had been a core of "America
    First" sentiment and early German-settlers, with tidy-homes, well-kept
    lawns and strong morals.

    A veteran, Frankhouser might have repaired to the VFW Hall or run for
    public office, but he preferred to mix it up in the streets. He lost an eye in
    a brawl, was jailed numerous times and regaled himself in various costumes
    to dramatize his "defiance." His associates ranged from Dan Burros, who
    killed himself in Frankhouser's house, to Ryan Wilson, who took it on the
    lam after being sued for depicting bombing a Communist over the Internet,
    to Bob Miles, who bombed some school busses in Michigan, to Lyndon
    LaRouche, who peddled Marxist-wares packaged as some "new-age"
    cult. Frankhouser never expressed his defiance as "opinion," but as
    "fact," which drew a staunch band of supporters.

    He established a "church," in his home, patterned after one Miles
    had set up, mixing a smidgeon of Christianity with Viking lore, but
    never received the tax-exemption he wanted, while Mexicans turned
    his row-house neighborhood into a slum. His real calling, however, was
    to win public-opinion over to the anti-Communist cause. Frankhouser
    went to jail, after the feds bugged his phone and overheard him trying to
    help a Skinhead, accused of "hate," by advising the mother to burn up
    evidence. He sat outside the digs of Bonnie Jouhari, who imported
    Mexicans, then was sued for "intimidation," which he settled by agreeing
    to pay damages, which he never paid. He called skirting jail a "victory."

    Frankhouser carried on a public-access show, "White Forum", for
    ten years, attacking integration, affirmative-action, "diversity" and
    sell-out politicians. But defeat loomed from health-problems,
    bad-judgment and skewed-associations. He once pulled a knife on
    some Skinheads, which he, later, regretted, but got drubbed. Morbidly
    obese, he, eventually, succumbed to diabetes-related illness. He had
    thrown in with LaRouche because, he said, he needed the $750.00 a week
    the self-professed "economist" paid him for "intelligence." Likewise, he
    admitted to a stint as a government-informant, because he "needed the
    money." He was jailed for his LaRouche-involvement and beset over
    a bomb-plot.

    To some, such as Mark Bablin, an early staffer for George Wallace,
    Frankhouser was a mentor. To others, such as Torri Lingg, an
    organizer of "Henry Schaad Day", he was a resource for books. To a
    homeless man, who he offered to help, but who beat him up in his own
    residence, he was an easy-mark. But, to Jouhari, with her illegitimate
    Negress-daughter, he is unforgettable. Despite "winning" her case, Jouhari
    complained that she never collected a dime. In fact, she fled Pennsylvania,
    then Washington State, then Texas, claiming that she was being "harassed,"
    everywhere she tried to set up her "Welcome Illegal Aliens" operation.
    So, Frankhouser had the last word, of sorts, after all.
    Copyright 2009 Skinheadz