Sunday, May 10, 2009

The tour James Bevel did to Australia 2004

Hylozoic Hedgehog posted an interesting thing from The Searchlight on a tour James Bevel did for the organization to Australia, in 1994.

James Bevel was Lyndon laRouches choosen Vice president Candidate at the time. Last year he passed away after being sentenced by a court to 15 years in prison for incest against his daughters! According to the things said at court he was abusing his own daughter while he stayed in Leesburg at the time, 1992 to 1994, and was guarded by the security guards of the organization.

I remember that I spoke to him when he visited Europe for a conference that year. I sat down together with some other young members and he spoke about - sexuality! He said that he had had sex with cows(!) when he was young, but now he had learned to control his sexuality! He talked much about sex, when he spoke to youngsters...

The post about his tour in Australia shows that CEC spent 25000 dollars on a tour with public meetings where perhaps a dozen new people showed up.

“You have to ask yourself, why do these people bother? Possibly because they know they’re on a good wicket, flying around the country, chatting away on their long-distance phone calls, playing away at being secret service agents and spending other people’s money like there was no tomorrow.

“$25,000 spent for four or five new faces in the audience. That sort of gross financial negligence is usually reserved for government departments. That’s nearly a third of what the League of Rights spends in a year."

The post can be read here:

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