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How Lyndon LaRouche compares himself to Jesus. (Posts from the factnet)

Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 3:18 pm:   
I wish to shed some info on how Lyn has often compared himself to Jesus Christ over the years. First, you have to see what we were doing in the 1970's when the NCLC was formed on college campuses. In that era we were hard core Marxists, who of course, could only rely on Lyn to be the Marxist expert. The Campaigners we published were on Fuerbach and a general Marxist review of Christianity. We also attacked the hispanic cultures for being impotent because of the backwardness of folling Catholicism. 

To sum up, we were Marxists and had no interest in Church or Religion or God. We had so many crazy Rockefeller mobilizations going on that these mobilizations often seemed to peak during holidays. The mark of a committed LCer was distributing leaflets and such during masses on Sunday and deploying on Xmas or Easter. 

Little was known of Lyn's childhood and how his parents had their own sect operating in the New England area among Quakers. The family was known to be quite the trumpeter of God and caused a lot of mischief among different Quaker groups. What we ould be reading in our magazines and New Solidarities was the concept that we in the LC were going to be potent and God Like in transforming the human species. The operating word was first "Potent" in our attacks on the left. The next lingo for us was "Hubris". We had many local classes on the question of how powerfull the devil was in exercising free will. This morphed into our "Fusion" Campaigner which had a painting by William Blake on the cover about giving fire to man. 

This stuff continued for awhile until we made our move to the right side of delusions and now we had Lyn writing about Christian economics and the conspiracy of the month club now involved the Vatican. The enemies of the Vatican were now our enemies and we included the Jesuits and the Knights of Malta and anyhting from Venice. We repeatedle told the members that Lyun has an inside track to the vatican through Cardinal Ratzinger who was in our daily briefings virtually daily. 

That does sound bizarre, doesn't it. 

Lyn and Helga were able to get a photo op in the vatican and I think Lyn was the best man for millionaire heir Lewis Dupont Smith's photo op in the Vatican as well. Dupont was marrying his sweetheart while Lyn was trying to marry Lewis's 10 million dollar inheritance. 

If you are in the org long enough and then leave, you figure out some things later. One of the functions of the org was to be Lyn's revenge against his childhood and early enemies of delusions. One of the fascinating quirks of our enemies list was the American Friends Service Committee. A pacifist org which decades earlier had a run in with the Larouche clan in Mass. One day, the AFSC became another part of the hydra we were going to kill with card table shrines. The AFSC was now part of a world wide plot involving depopulation and was also part of a plot to assasinate Lyn and Helga. 

Keep in mind that once we hit the 1980's. assasination plots were a daily part of the briefings and led to endless mobilizations which of course needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop. It was of no concern to Lyn and Helga nad the various leaders that members were getting very sick from the lunacy of going 24/7 and were being starved. The era was one of making a member think that his or her request for 5 bucks was going to cause Lyn's death. In many locals, we had NC's order stop payment on rent and utility checks to send money to security. 

As the 1980's progressed, we started issuing worthless promisorry notes in the millions and running variouys check kiting and credit card scams. Investigations were underway and almost all of the lawsuits filed against us were kept secret from members.
Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 3:24 pm:   
The briefings had numerous memos by Lyn about Satan at this time. Instead of Satan being our friend for defying God and giving fire to man, the members were now being tempted by Satan. This led to many memos by Lyn about how anyone who offers info, talks or cooperates with a Grand Jury or investigator is now doing Satan's work. Besides wishing to destroy the human species, Satan was after Lyn himself. 

Lyn began his speeches by talking about "Agape" and his love of the world and committment to keep it from being destroyed. His crusade was a selfless one in which NO ONE else could satop the collapse of civilization except himself. You could be at a one conference after another where Lyn would repeat the mantra "I have measured the leadership of the world, and they have all failed. No one has the guts to save civilization as we know it except me. I do not run for president cause I need the job. The job is to save the human species" 

This end of the world approach was always used by Lyn as it works. All you have to do is use either the words "Civilization" or "The Human Species" or "The world economy" to a bunch of college drop outs yutes and you are in business for a few more years. 

Lyn would now talk about himself in the same breath as Christ by bringing in "Gethsemane" into his writings. This happened after we staged a play about Socrates death at a Virginia conference. That line is still used to explain to gullible yutes that credit card scams did no exist in the 1980s but we were prosecuted for teaching the yutes about secrets known only to the inner elite. 

For many, many months, Gethsemane was the issuse. Lyn would describe his life as being trapped like an animal because of assasination threats . Lyn was now alone as his apostles like Gus Axios and the evil members in Detroit sold him out for silver. Lyn had the wieght of the world on his shoulders as he was getting ready to die for the sin of saving humanity. 

In reality, Lyn and Helga had a massive estate in Virginia with endless Rheingau and a staff to rival any Baron. The members on the phone team were the ones being indicted . Lyn was also planning an escape to Indonesia or some nearby country to avoid extradition laws according to former security members and contacts. 

The Gethsemane schtick continued to build up and the members were basically told that Lyn is going to jail becasue you did not raise enough money for a legal defense. The reality was that we raised more money in legal money than we were accused of absconding with by the prosecutors. The prosecution had deals for us to sign which would have resulted in a small fine, some money being paid back and suspended sentences. Instead, Lyn now became the best lawyer on the planet and mounted his version of a case which got us both convicted and laughed out of court. Lyn also got indicted for income tax fraud where he neglected to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's for several years.
Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 3:29 pm:    
This now led to another LC version of insanity where we made the members feel proud that they are going to jail for decades. In one sense, jail was a step up from the LC where you at least got three squares a day, your rent was paid and you now had health care. 

Here is a speech by Lyn which has appeared in several forms for different members. 

"Events have defined the legal actions against me and my friends as a Third Trial of Socrates. The trial in Alexandria might have been written by the same Magi which ordered its agents in the Democratic Party of Athens to arrange the trial of Socrates. The same Magi-force, acting through its pawn, the Emperor Tiberius, used the same tactic against Jesus Christ. 

"This method, of the Trial of Socrates, was adopted by my adversaries, because circumstances have long molded me to walk in imitation of Christ...This presents me now with my Gethsemane, in face of which prospect I conduct myself with the image of Gethsemane clearly before my eyes. If I am killed, I shall die as a political martyr, who has walked to his prescribed doom in the imitation of Christ, as should all Christians in kindred circumstances. 

"This is not a personal posture; it is a deliberate historical act. In such a time as this, one man among men must act precisely so, that his conduct, even unto death, might unleash those forces which must be unleashed if humanity is to escape the total destruction made certain by a continued adherence of "Hermes" masters to their current policy-matrices. 

From the standpoint of "Hermes" masters, I act to unleash the Furies upon them. 

" If I die in the course of the conduct I have imposed upon myself, it shall become the case, for reasons beyond the comprehension of my enemies, that there shall soon ensue that which pagans will regard as the Furies unleashed. In that sense, should they kill me, those pagans will come to imagine that I have reached out from my grave to destroy everything which they represent. 

" We each have but one brief mortal life, which life we gain in total only to the degree, that when the time comes, as it did for Christ, we know how to spend it....My departure unleashes the Furies, which were likely to destroy all nations and populations which survive me. 

Then, there is nothing but those primal conditions, under which conditions nothing but a Ruetlioath sort of anti-Bolshevik "Peoples War" resistance globally, might achieve the 
success which permits civilized life on this planet to be resumed at some later time. If the principals of "Hermes" will not accept the role of what I represent in the present, then I curse them with their imminent future, in which their species will have no posterity, one way or the 

Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 3:36 pm:      
While Lyn was in the slammer, many Leesburg members starting taking his lessons about Christianity seriuously. Now we had many members attending Church in Leesburg and joining the various denominations. The Jewish members converted and now we had a much different group of members from when they joined in the 1970s. 

I suspect one reason Lyn despises these "boomers" is because of what Boris Bad wrote. Many of these former members have revealed a lot of what happened in the org and have revealed hoaxes like the Chris White brainwashing story among others. 

To show you how insane some people became over the years. Here is an exerpt from Rochelle Ascher about Lincoln at a conference. Look up her name and see how much money she took from our contacts and was convicted for. 

"There has not been in American history, until Lyndon LaRouche, a man such as Abraham Lincoln. When we look at the situation in the world today, and that in the U.S., the situation Lincoln found himself in was equally, if not more, devastating. Surrounded by traitors on all sides, with a totally bankrupt economy, he acted as no one expected him to act. The economic mobilization carried out during those four years, under conditions of brutal war in which more Americans died than in World Wars I and II combined, is unparalleled in U.S. and, possibly, world history.

The fact that Lyndon LaRouche sits in a federal prison, while the fate of 6 billion souls depends on his freedom and the implementation of his economic policy, defines the task at hand. 

If Lincoln could do it, with what he faced, so, too, can we. We must free LaRouche to bring back to this dying nation and this dying world that for which Lincoln and so many others gave their lives... 

We went through earlier how the org changed itself to try to make new money among born again Christians by publishing material about Satanism and Rock music and Video games. This farce is what the LYM can look forward to for a loooooong time. 

My next posts will show how long card table shriners can expect to man their tables. Always keep in mind that these are my recollections and other member's memories are always usefull to explain how the org worked on so many layers. 

Posted on Sunday, July 16, 2006 - 10:55 am:        

The current LYM should take a close look at the elderly members in their local offices who stumble around and get yelled at by the NC. Each of those remaining dead enders was once a college drop out yute who left everything to "Build the Larouche Movement" , just like the new yutes today. 

Lyn and Helga are used to the finer things in life. Helga is is known to have bad taste, but expensive taste. Think of her like a bloated Elvis meets Larouche meets Herman Goering mind meld without the musical talent of Elvis. Don't step on her Jack boots instead of Blue Suede shoes. 

Some of you may have thought that the card table shrine deployments were only going to last a few weeks or months while the campaigns are going on. Well, you should have figured out by now that as long as Lyn and Helga have to consume, you have to raise money. The org has a never ending supply of Lyn's delusional enemies and scenarios to keep you hopping for decades. 

Today's example is a nice guy named Matt Guice. I spoke to him a few times, decades ago about his story. He joined a local in Canada in the mid 1970's and has been manning a card table shrine ever since. Along the way I think he married another member named Nancy. His real partner was an airport card table shriner named Mike Lepig. Both of them spent years and years together at airports and NYC card table shrines. 

30 YEARS LATER, Matt is still trying to build the larouche Movement as this article from Morris County NJ pionts out. 

"Matt Guice is an audio technician by profession. But these days, the 55-year-old Ridgefield man is working for Lyndon LaRouche, one of the zanier of the perennial presidential candidates. Guice is making the rounds and camping out for a day outside post offices in Morris County telling all who stop by about the evils of the current presidential administration. 

Tuesday found him in Succasunna. His table was flanked by signs that read, "Dump Cheney Now," and another one with the message (above a likeness of the president), "Like a rock, only dumber." 

How is his campaign going in Republican Morris County? 

"We have some people who are vehemently opposed, but we do have our First Amendment rights," he said." 

Matt was very good at raising money, so he stays outside the office while the people who can't raise the money on the phone either clean the office or cook group meals for LYM. 

See you in 2036 LYM. 


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  1. Do you still blame LaRouche for ruining your (collective) sex lives? After all, with proper birth control and disease-spreading control, the sky is the limit. Time to dump political and personal monogamy, ex-LCers!

  2. As I said before. What do you have against sex, Howie?

  3. My old friend from Uppsala told me once that Lyndon LaRouche was a new Jesus Christ. He is a member of this LYM in Stockholm.

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  5. We belived that, yes. Some in a religious sense, some in a pseudoreligious one. Others because there was similarities in the "political work" of Christ and LaRouche (as we saw it. I would say that for most members they were the same kind of POLITICAL force!

    I still remember in 1992 when LaRouche was in jail, and I visited USA, that many members had photos of LaRouche in their wallets, or on tables like a house altar. The person managing the finances in Baltimore lighted a candle, in front of a photo of him, EVERY DAY to remember LaRouche.