Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ex. LYM members speak out!

I have opened a second twinblog of this blog today. It is a blog where I will be posting stories, articles and forumposts of different kinds, that I like.

I will focus on the stories of former members, especially former LYM members. If you look at the sidebar to the right you can find a collection of links to posts on that new blog, that is posts by former LYM-members. That list will increase very much in the coming months.

Please look at the posts that are already posted here. Stories from different ex. LYM-members during the last years.



  1. From the male x-Lyms are you including techniques on how to pick up girls (or boys) and manage your liquor (or pot or coke). Alternatively, there could be some advanced masturbation techniques. Ditto for the chicks.

  2. Perhaps Howie can take a page from Beltran and run workshops on picking up a date, or even on masturbation, since he is so knowledgeable!

  3. But he should teach people how to do it as LaRouche does it.

  4. C'mon guys. Lyn is just trying to make a living. What's a guy to do? Times are hard.

    Does he still have Helga? Or did she leave him because SHE is the savior?