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Cult or no cult? (part 1) Luxury and poverty..

Written to X (LYM a la carte) ;o) !


Yesterday I wrote about the witchhunt Lyndon LaRouche has initiated against the older members that need healthcare. Members that have organized for LaRouche for 30 to 40 years, and have given their lives for him, now gets to hear: "You boomers only think about yourselves, your money, your lifestyle and your health." Somehow these older members should think more about the future of mankind, LaRouche says...

Well, guess what. That is what they have done. They have spent their whole adult life fighting for Lyndon and, six to seven days a week for 12 to 14 HOURS A DAY in dusty and noicy rooms or out in the dust and fumes and often cold climate at the "field" and now they approach their 60s and are not in a good shape, with healthproblems (big surprise!).

The ordinary LYM member that lives in a house with a number of other LYM-members will meet the same fate in some years...

"I am feeling frisky"

And added to this: Lyndon constantly spits in the face of the older organizers by saying that HIS health is ok, he feels "frisky", while the other "boomers" are so weak and cant do anything right.

Well that is easy to say when Lyndon lives at a farm at the countryside, and when he can eat well and sleep as long as he wants, and travel all over the world, and when he has not needed to spend the days at the field or the offices, inhaling dust and fumes like the boomers!

Nothing keeps one as "frisky" as countryside air, you know...


Now I ask you, who still believes that Lyndon LaRouche is somekind of agapic, loving genius tolook at how Lyndon LaRouche has lived and compare that to how an ordinary member lives!

- "Yes he has lived in fancy expensive houses and estates, but that is needed for his protection", you might say. "Lyndon himself does not own anything. He just stays in the house that the organization bought, and he stays there for his protection."

Well, it is here that a person that still is a member can find out the truth about the organization... By comparing to other cults.

Because, you know... The Moonies, Hubbard, And Bhagwan (Osho) did the same thing.

Osho and laRouche, a comparison...

Lets read how another cultleader, Osho, explained why he had 90 Rolls Royce (!).

Q - Why do you like your Rolls Royces so much?

A - I have tried all kinds of cars; and even Rolls Royce has many types and I have tried them too. Their best is the Corniche, but it doesn't suit me. It is a question of my back. I need a certain kind of chair—I use only this chair. It has been made by my sannyasins exactly to give support to my back, because doctors have said that they cannot do anything more.

Experts from England were called to India. They tried hard, and they said, "It is impossible. You will have to live with it." It was just a coincidence that one of the models of Rolls Royce, Silver Spur, suited me. The driver's seat in that car fits perfectly, gives me no trouble. Naturally, my people love….

They don't belong to me, those cars—nothing belongs to me. I am the poorest man in the whole world, living the richest life possible. My people love me; they want to do something for me. All those cars belong to the commune. They have made them available to me for one hour each day. I don't know which car they are bringing, but one thing is certain, that I can be comfortable only in a Silver Spur. And they love me so much that they are trying to have three hundred and sixty-five Rolls Royces, one for every day. And I say, "Why not? A great idea!"…

They have arranged ninety Rolls Royces, and I know they will be able to manage three hundred and sixty-five.

Q - People are very much interested in your Rolls Royces. What do You want to prove with this, so many cars and so much luxury around You?

A - Why are people concerned? Then certainly they need it; then more Rolls Royces will be here. Until they stop asking me, more and more Rolls Royces are going to be here. Now it has to be seen that it is a challenge: the day nobody asks me about Rolls Royces, they will not be coming.
People's interest in Rolls Royces shows their mind. They are not interested what is happening here. They don't ask about meditation, they don't ask about sannyas, they don't ask about people's life, love, the laughter that happens in this desert. They only ask about Rolls Royces. That means I have touched some painful nerve. And I will go on pressing it till they stop asking.
I am not a worshipper of poverty... I am not a hypocrite. I am the poorest man on the earth. I don't have a single cent with me."
( )

Back to Lyndon

So, Osho is poor, and owns nothing but has still received all these luxurious cars as a "gift"... But still does not own the gift he received... (sic!) Now compare this to Lyndon LaRouche.

At the trials in the 80s Lyndon LaRouche said this:

Q Where did you eat?

A At the house.

Q Was there food in the house?

Q Did you buy it?

A No.

Q Did Helga LaRouche buy it?

A Not to my knowledge.

Q Who bought it?

A I don't know.

Q With what money?

A I don't know.

Q How do you take care of daily living expenses, Mr. LaRouche?

A I don't know.

Q Do you live free?

A I don't know."

Lyndon laRouche actually used the same method as other cultleaders, like Osho. He claimed that he owned nothing and that he only lived in a great residence (Ibykos Farm at the time) due to security reasons. The testimony by Rick MagGraw, his security "advisor" is equally interesting. Read it here, it starts from page 97:

Like for example page 132 where the LaRouche residence in New York was dicussed:

Q Did Mr. LaRouche own that house?

A (Rick) No, he did not.

The prosecuter had earlier asked about where LaRouche got his clothes from, Rick told the prosecuter that he bought the underpants of Lyndon:

"Q Did you buy any other clothing for him?

A (Rick) I may have bought some shirts.

Q Is that all?

A I think I bought him a pair of boots one time.

Q Is that all?

A And maybe some underwear or something like that.

Q Did you discuss these purchases with him?

A No.

Q You would just go out and do it on your own?

A Yes.

Q How would you know that he needed underwear?

A I think in the case of underwear, there were a couple of times when we were on tour, and I can think of one case in particular where he said we were on the road and it was during a campaign swing in New Hampshire, and he said he was rather ragged.

Q What about the other clothing, you wouldn't discuss that with him?

A No."

Dont get fooled, the judges and the jury members at the LaRouchetrial were not! The absurd statements that LaRouche owned nothing and were a "guest" at the house owned by the organization, was absurd.

Witnesses and evidences clearly showed the opposite.

And guess what, Lyndon was actually imprisoned for fraud. No wonder, no one would buy the simple lie that Lyndon owned nothing!

And guess what... Lyndon ended up in jail, as Osho, and none of these cultleaders "owned nothing", you know... ;o)


Why these quotes?

Well, if you compare what Lyndon LaRouche does to what other cultleaders say and do you will find that the METHODS they use is the same, even if the actual circumstances might differ. And that is crucial if you want to leave the LaRouchecult!

Lyndon has not collected 90 Rolls Royce like Osho, but both lived a life in luxury (Lyn still does, relative luxury!) and could travel accross the continents by using supersonic jet, like the Concord! Even the dogs of Helga has travelled by supersonic jet, something an ordinary member only can dream of.

But both of them nevertheless claimed to be poor, to own nothing. And both of them did not know where the food, money and clothes they used came from, when asked by the courts, when they faced trial!

And both Lyndon and Osho let the ordinary members work as "slaves", six to seven days a week for nothing, eating lousy food...

And this is still the case in the cult of Lyndon. Lyndon still does not own anything, still lives a good life eating and living in relative luxury, and the members, that work as the slaves of Lyndon, are yelled at and dehumanized because they are not as "frisky" as he is!"


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  1. Ask Helga about her jewels.

  2. LaRouchies are becoming more and more to resemble the Phelps Family Cult - these are the whackos that protest at the funerals of US soldiers - calling them faggots who are going to hell.

    Note the similarity to the "Schiller" commentor on this blog. Note the LaRouchies "interventions" at political debates and forums - and how whacko they are.

    And "the greatest world thinker", of course, approves of this whacko behavior.

    How unfortunate, for the rest of us, that we don't "have the will for immortality" to act as whacko as they do.

    Hitler was probably the most notorius cult leader of all time. He loved to mock people - especially Roosevelt. At the same time - he put to death many of his top generals - whenever he felt he couldn't trust them.

    Fortunately, LaRouche will never have that type of power - but he is responsible for deaths within his organization - and sadly - most of the world will never notice and of course - for his negligence - he blames on plots against him.

    Many of Hitler's followers refused to see Hitler's madness - instead they chose to believe in his fantastic delusions that they were doing something great for the world - somehow the Phelps family think they are the only ones moral enough to "see the truth" -
    and so it is with the "LaRouchies".

    For Schiller and all like him/her - Just try taking a break - get back in touch with your family and friends whom you hardly speak to now. Get back in touch with yourself. Most of us are far from perfect - the world is messed up in a lot of ways - you can always listen to can still get politically involved. I wish someone like LaRouche did have all the answers - but the truth is - no one does. He definitely doesn't have the leadership capability. It's not easy to explain. Hitler "fooled" millions of people - and caused terrible destruction of lives.
    LaRouche and other cult leaders - do the same thing to a lesser extent. If you want to always to live in their delusions - that choice is yours.

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