Thursday, June 18, 2009

The truth about LaRouches campaign for "better" healthcare...

The signature "Eaglebeak" posted this on the Factnet recently. Bear in mind that LaRouche uses the same method INSIDE the organization that he calls "nazi-economics" when talking about the US government!



Boom (er) Bust

Overheard in Giant

You might call it gossip, if it were more light-hearted. But it's really pretty grim.

I have heard several reports around town recently about members in their 50s--people who have been in the organization since their college days--being thrown off insurance.

This includes:

People with chronic, debilitating diseases

People who went to prison for LaRouche, for Pete's sake

People who haven't held a real job in their whole adult lives, and are too sick (and unskilled) to get them now

People with thousands of dollars per annum in prescription drug bills

They're old, they're expensive--why, some may even be losing their passion for Lyn's Kampf--

So whoosh! Out they go!

What I can't figure out is how Lyn, crowding 87, thinks he's still younger than springtime.

The pictures on LPAC, when the Youth "LPAC editors" are dumb enough to put them up, certainly give that fantasy the lie.

I can't figure out how the "Boomer" members can put up with the obvious fear and loathing Lyn exhibits towards them.

But then I remember.... It's spelled C-U-L-T. The Soviets had their Prolet-kult, Bismarck had his Kult-ur-kampf,, but all that's left to Lyn is the Kult.

No Uncle Joe or Iron Chancellor he.

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  1. LYM has link on NASA's Kepler link.

    I was shocked to see when I was doing some research on the Kepler mission to find extro-planets a link to LYM's link about Kepler. Look under the Kepler tab in the NASA Kepler's Mission homepage.

    I then googled Kepler & LYM and the first link that came up was a 04/06/09 Larouchepac link bragging about the link.

    I know some factnet members seem bent on predicting the near eventual demise of LaR. But the fact that they can put their stuff on a NASA site - is showing they are still - as usual - getting themselves noticed on very reputable sites.

    I don't hear much about this on factnet. I'd like for them to address this issue.

    I, for one, think NASA should take the link to
    LYM off their site.