Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have fun! :o)

First go to the "LaRouche memo-generator". Here you can generate random "internal memos" from LaRouche. All made up by combining real sentences by Lyndon LaRouche.

The spooky thing with the generator is that the "memos" are not half as crazy as the real memos LaRouche writes, but that it still looks like an authenthic LaRouche-product!

Secondly. The Swedish cartoonist Lindström ( has drawn a picture from the latest cadre school with LYM, the LaRouche Youth Movement. It is the picture below! Please notice that it is Helga Zepp LaRouche that is giving the speech!

Thirdly! A reader of this blog noticed me that the cartoon figure Herman looks and acts a lot like Lyndon. that is true: Here is a picture of a typical evening at the residence of Lyndon and Helga!


  1. That guy with the cactus in his nose really loooks like LaRouche does look like. Please post more cartoons like these, they are needed.

    /Former LYM Mexico

  2. One can wonder why so much time is spend on the morning briefing. While EIR cotains some useful articles, the briefing is a piece of paper that is not memorised, stored, re-read or quoted to the outside world.

  3. The briefing shapes the worldview, method and cultlike character och the LaRouchemovement. Thus, it is important to show what is said there!