Friday, May 27, 2011

On Jeremiah Duggan

A quick comment on Jeremiah Duggan. Just for the record.

I maintain that the LaRouchemovement is a CULT, especially the youth movement and the U.S. branch of the movement. I also maintain that I believe that the methods the cult used, and still uses, (social control, etc) led to the death of Jeremiah.

He most probably had a breakdown of some kind and the "organizers" of the movement most probably scared the shit out of him, not too uncommon when youngsters get involved with cults.

The reason I know is that I was there and spoke to him the day before, or two days before, and he did NOT feel well. And the young LaRoucheorganizers where pushing him more to the brink, with the demand that he should agree on everything, stop being "psychiologically impotent", and "join" the movement fulltime.

As I repeatedly have told the mother to Jeremiah, the police is free to contact me, anytime! But, please remember, that the story I have to tell, is what I saw and what I knew, and it is not something weird about a "nazi-conspiracy"!


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