Friday, November 5, 2010

Drawing Hitler mustaches on pictures of Barack Obama

Reading about the recent elections in the USA, and the Tea party, I notice that the LaRouche movement has had one great impact upon the current US political debate.

The LaRouchies introduced the habit of comparing Obama with Hitler. The were the once who first drew Hitler mustaches on pictures of Barack Obama.

Now many of the the tea party activists are doing the same thing, drawing Hitler mustaches on Barack Obama!

That is the kind of things that happen when the LaRouche "Democrats" show their "democratic" face.



  1. Good point. Too many people try to paint LaRouche as being only an isolated kook with no influence. But there is normal influence and then there is weird influence. It's still influence. LaRouche's deployment of cadre with Hitler moustache signs to health care town meetings around the country in the summer of 2009 gave a real boost to the Tea Partiers.

    And comparing Obama to Hitler is actually a fairly clever way to make racism in the Tea Party movement quasi-respectable. It's okay to unleash your inner KKK grand dragonhood if you can tell yourself it's anti-fascist or anti-Hitler to do so.

  2. Others were comparing Obama to Hitler before LaRouche, hate to burst your bubble. And Obama is a right-wing puppet anyway. The Hitler comparison goes too far, but some of LaRouche's critiques of the health care bill were *in content* accurate, even if the offensive framing of rhetoric was unpleasant.